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  1. I have just started my own business from home selling on ebay. I have registered with hmcs site but am finding it complex finding out what I can claim against tax. I understand about my expenses, but would like to know if I can claim capital allowance for my computer which I purchased in 2004. I had used it privately up until Jan this year, but now use it mostly for my business. I have other office equipment like a new chair, which I have a receipt for but other office stuff which I do not have receipts for were all purchased before I started my business, but are all essentially used for
  2. One of my friends has been presented with an issue they are unsure about and wondered if anyone here can shed some light on the subject. My friend has been asked by their elderly parents to move back in to their 4 bedroom council house. Their father is the assured tenant and has offered to pass the succession to them as they do not want their spouse to be moved out when they die. My friend already owns their own one bedroom flat with their partner and has always said,the flat is too small for them, they are unable to have children. They were wondering if they could move to their parents
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