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  1. Good advice and much appreciated, I'll make the phone call first, seek out a copy of Dad's will and then maybe see the family solicitor.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply. No, dad died in 2009 and neither joint names as tenants or tenants in common applies.
  3. Hi all My mother died in September and I've been putting off applying for a probate grant but I've made an attempt at completing application for probate form, (PA1) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-probate-form-pa1 and Inheritance Tax IHT205(2011) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/inheritance-tax-return-of-estate-information-iht205-2011. I've read HMRC guidance notes but I think I'm missing something when completing the online version IHT205 because it flags up that my mother's estate could be liable for Inheritance Tax. I've carefully assessed Mum's assets and liabilities and assumed that once these were entered online it would automatically make the deductions but it doesn't appear to do this. My mother and father took out an equity release mortgage which amounts to £175,000, the property has been valued for probate at £375,000 so I would assume that the mortgage and any other liabilities should be deducted from the property value and other assets. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Should I deduct the liabilities from the assets myself before adding them to the online application? If not, I'll give HMRC Helpline a ring in the morning. Thanks for reading, hope this makes sense.
  4. Thanks, I'll give them a ring tomorrow. It really is like wading through treacle with these matters sometimes. Just to add, I'm now reading the probate guide, it's very helpful so thank you so much.
  5. Hi folks, my mother died in September and I'm executor of her will. I've arranged for for an estate agent to view her vacant property in order to prepare a probate report. I'm also getting two property valuations so that the house can be put on the market after probate is granted. I'm going to apply for probate myself and I don't anticipate that inheritance tax will be due because once sold there's a large equity release payment outstanding. my question is does anyone know the difference between a standard probate report and an enhanced one? There is a fee of £250 for the standard and £350 for the enhanced. I was told the latter was 'to cover inheritance tax', but when I asked the estate agent's rep to explain the enhanced type in more detail, she advised me to consult a solicitor. I don't want a hefty bill for simple advice but wondered if I should have gone for the more detailed report, so if anyone can help I'd be very grateful.
  6. My licence doesn't mention anything about keys or locks at all, the only reference to spare key was a verbal one. My daughter's licence is more detailed. I also understand that 24 hours notice of any visit should be given, unless its an emergency
  7. Hi all, I live in a property rented from a housing trust under a licence rather than a tenancy agreement. When I took on the tenancy about 7 years ago I was informed that the clerk to the trustees would hold a set of keys to my home and it would be stored in a locked safe. I have recently discovered that keys have been used to enter properties owned by the trust by workers employed by them without the tenant's permission or presence. One particular maintenance worker often calls unnanounced to carry out small jobs and has been asked on numerous occasions by various tenants to make an appointment but he refuses to do so. He often works until 8pm making this awkward for people coming home from work or with children to get meals etc. This person has entered a neighbour's home without her permission. He also entered another person's home without her permission and moved personal items which I assume was to enable him to carry out a repair job. He has also questioned me because my daughter has fitted a secondary lock to her door saying he's reported her to the trust clerk as he checked that she hasn't provided a spare key. My questions are: a) has the clerk to the trustees got legal rights to hold a spare key b) does the male maintenance worker have legal rights to use this key without permission of the tenant (all mainly female living alone) c) can tenants have secondary locks fitted (leaving the original lock in place), without having to pass a key on to the clerk to the trustees as some of the tenants have been told. As you probably gather most of the tenants are females living alone and are very nervous that the male maintenance worker rocks up at any time without an appointment and seems to be able to access keys to gain entrance when the tenant isn't present. Unfortunately any complaints to the trust clerk about this man seem to fall on deaf ears and he seems to be very highly thought of by the trustees. Any legal advice welcome with pointers towards legislation to quote if possible. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. MissSmith31, try sending a pm to make sure he gets the message.
  9. Lee, what is happening? I thought you were going to call me about this once you have cleared the offer to make monthly payments? My mum has now received a letter informing her the debt has been passed back to Fredricksons! As you know she is 82 and in poor health recovering from a major operation, but is willing to make payments as discussed with me during your call to me on 1st August 2014. She has in paid £20 recently and has replied to Vodafone's letter ref COLDCA2 dated 7th November. Advice please....can you do anything?
  10. Hi Peopod Not exactly sure as my daughter has been dealing with it on Mum's behalf but I think the charges have been applied after the early termination of contract, over £700 now when I think originally Vodaphone wanted £200. That was when the offer to pay in instalments was turned down by Vodaphone and just after Vodaphone refused to take a card payment over the phone. I'm not sure without checking the correspondence with my daughter who is applying the charges now.
  11. Thanks rebel11, help appreciated. Email sent, reg WRT135 - CAG 7497691. Vodaphone account number CS00015876001, 684229214, originally with Fredericksons now with DRS. My mother is a vulnerable person and should not be treated like this bearing in mind she is not refusing the pay the original charges but asked for time to pay and even made an offer to pay something by card, which was refused by Vodaphone who failed to return the calls as promised.
  12. Result! Thanks for the advice folks, MacKenzie Hall have accepted statute barred status.
  13. Hi folks I've just returned from holiday to hear a similar story to Autobot's from my 81 year old mum. She hasn't received phonecall threats yet, but I'm guessing these will follow. A couple of days ago she had a letter about an unpaid Vodaphone account from DRS with the suggestion that they will be visiting her home that upset her so much that she had a billious attack followed by a nasty fall. She is due to go into hospital for a major operation soon and the stress is doing her no good at all. She is terrified, confused and convinced they are going to come to her home and is now even worried about leaving windows open 'in case they get in'. It wouldn't be as bad if she'd refused to pay - even though strictly speaking it isn't her bill. The phone was purchased in her name as a present for her grandson, she made the initial payments but then got into difficulty (she now receives pension credit), and the payments were taken over via DD from her via his bank account. Vodaphone were told this, accepted the DD but for some reason it was not taken on the date agreed which meant there were insufficient funds. Her grandson has also got cashflow problems now, which doesn't help. As the contract is in Mum's name, she is getting the demands for payment first via Fredericksons and now from DRS. Letters have been exchanged and phonecalls have been made to Vodaphone and later Fredericksons offering to pay in installments, but this was refused. Prior to this, my daughter tried to make a payment to Vodaphone by card over the phone, but this was refused by the Vodaphone operator. She was told a manager would call her back, but the call never came. My daughter has copies of all correspondence and has dates of phonecalls, but that doesn't seem to be helping mum now. My arguement is that if the DD date hadn't been wong, if the card payment had been taken over the phone and the payment plan accepted, my mum wouldn't be in this position now. All that has been asked is that Vodaphone take back the account and take responsibility for what is partly their mess. Now the debt has increased considerably, my disabled 81 year old mum is in a terrible state and I don't know what to do to be able to assist her. Before mum received the DRS letter, my daughter contacted the Ombudsman but I'm concerned that the situation is now getting out of hand. Help and advice please.
  14. As I guessed, another letter arrived this morning via those lovely folks Aktiv Kapital so now I have the account number. Ha ha, I'm quite enjoying this now. :whoo:Thanks again for the advice, letters ready to post on Monday.
  15. Cheers folks, advice gratefully received. Another call at work and one at home today, didn't withhold their number this time. On the plus side, letters drafted, phone provider contacted with a view to changing my number, Bazooka Boo's advice re becoming incognito noted and all numbers they have used so far have been blocked. Just two things: 1. I do not have an account number to add to the SB and telephone harrassment letters as I've shredded previous letters from them. Does this make any difference? 2. I do not answer any suspicious or withheld numbers, I leave them to voicemail both at work and at home. I guess I can delete the section which mentions verbally telling them to stop calling? I don't really want to speak to them if it can be avoided, especially at work.
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