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  1. I read somewhere that if it isn't paid within 6 months, you can claim it from the council/government/something, and for him it becomes a debt to the council/government/something. That sound true?
  2. Thanks Jessop. We're well aware, and are actually the ones who 'dobbed him in' The investigators at the council have been very helpful, and he's already been down for an interview, and been given a court date in a few weeks time. In their own words, he'll need a miracle to not be found guilty, and we're all ready to send off those forms!
  3. No idea sorry, I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to submit the claim by 2 different methods. I'm only going on what I've found on these forums. I'm going through a similar situation to yourself - and have my own questions that I started a thread about.
  4. I've read that money claim is okay. I talked with citizens advice, and they told me I could do it online, or send a form. I know my LL doesn't know s**t about computers, so figured it would be quicker to do it by post. I was given this form: Her Majesty's Courts Service -Forms and Guidance And this document to help you fill it out right for a Section 214 claim: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/docs/infoabout/housing/section-214-application.doc From what I hear also, it doesn't matter if he puts it into a TDS now, he became liable for the full return + 3
  5. Hi everyone, I know this place is littered with these cases, and I've read through plenty of them. My LL is awefull, violent, aggressive and threatening. He lets to students like myself, and exploits their short term tenancies by making people put up with things, and what he believes to be our naivity towards tenants rights. He is currently being prosecuted for letting us an unlicensed HMO, and in the words of the local council, it will take a miracle for him to get away without it. And they have advised us on exactly how we can claim our rent back. We all paid deposits of £3
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