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  1. Hail stone here, rain, wind, do not fall out of your perch night owl,
  2. hi honeybee, thanks for your reply, you were saying to the op to get a timer, and they would not come home to a house in the dark, am not sure what to put in the search box, totiesquoties.xx
  3. hi martin, thanks for trying, i know honeybee had given some advice on the post, and op because of the smashed window and paint thrown on their car, was now unable to leave the house with fear, and i cannot remember their cag name, maybe honeybee might know?
  4. hi martin, it was i felt a very important post, and i had some experience of, and was passing this advice onto the poster, i was concerned about them, and trying to help, but when i had finished my reply and clicked the reply button, everything just dissapeared, and unfortunately i have not been able to locate the post, it was a lenghty reply, and did it get timed out? thanks for all your help totiesquoties.
  5. hi Scotscraig, first i am sorry you had such a bad accident, and hope you are on the mend soon, employers seem to be so cold and unfeeling these days, and i would recommend you first speak to acas at www.acas.co.uk on all employment issues, and get to know your rights. i know someone whom tripped on a pavement stuck up, and broke their arm, it took years for the council to give them compensation, but i suppose every case is different, i have known too many people with injuries some happening at work, and the employers wanting them back too soon, a crazy world we live in these days, hope this helps, and you get better soon, luv totiesquoties.xxxx
  6. hi gareth19, as has already been said, it is too soon to receive a reply from them yet, you can check either on line or by phone on the telephone number on your recorded delivery receipt when it was delivered and signed for, but your receipt will say to leave x amount of hours/days before you do this, you did the right thing writing to them and sending recorded delivery, give them at least 3 weeks to come back to you, if no joy then, post again and advice will be given what to do next, hope this helps totiesquoties.
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