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  1. sorry dj, im totally blonde....what info do i need to find out?
  2. Oh thank you so much Postggj!!!!!
  3. Yeah I changed the loan a few times and topped it up, so the interest was different on each one ranging from 36 to 48.7
  4. Looking at it I think its 8%
  5. Here you go! god i hope ive done it right this time! img-X19074242-0001.pdf img-X19074252-0001.pdf
  6. Aaaaahh....didnt notice that, will re post tomorrow
  7. Hi Guys sorry for the delay - here are the letters
  8. Yeah I thought so!!!! Will get it posted up on Monday so you can all have a look!!!!
  9. Hey Guys ...quick update - had my exceptance letter through today DJ1971 had worked out around £7000 that they owed me in PPI- the figure I've had today is £5000. What should I do?
  10. Oh good luck-Let me know if you get any update from them
  11. Hey Had a letter back this morning reminding me that they havent received my completed questionnaire!!!!!!! I know you all advise not to speak to them direct and do everything in writing...but I did actually ring them with my recorded delivery number and they back tracked and said they had received my questionnaire after all- they've got till the 8th Oct to respond now!!!!
  12. Any updates from anyone who was waiting for their PPI refunds??????
  13. What decision did you make Hulldebetor????
  14. What happened with this? I can't see any date so I don't know whether this is recent?
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