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  1. this is what makes me think there trying a backdoor route to avoid backdating any monies,by changing the claim they avoid any costs involved in backdating if the appeal is granted,id query why there going this route if an appeal is active
  2. not sure if youl revert back to your old claim but if you win the appeal you will get any money deducted paid back to you ,however i would check in case there trying to backdoor you by changing the claim details the forms are a bit erm one sided i think would be the word as they mostly deal with what you can do physicly and not how your health is affected mentaly,i think its high time they brought out a seperate form for mental health problems,they dont realise that half the time its them that causes the problems by adding stress to already difficult conditions ,ie attend this or wel stop your money ?? i bet that cheered you up,there is no structure in place to help you or advise you and the doctors are 2 faced to say the least ,when i got my appeal docs back half the stuff hed wrote hed never even asked me about,id still advise looking into a group or association to help you out with the forms ,we have one up here called disabilty north and there a great help and support resource.good luck with it and i look forward to seeing you win
  3. Bribones

    medical examination

    arranged it with my GP today,i cant see why it would stop me from fostering considering its my grandaughter ,i have 2 children of my own and cope quite well even though travel is limited,its not like im a raging looney or anything lol,we have a good family network
  4. Bribones

    medical examination

    can i request that a medical examination be carried out in my home ,its for a fostering application but i suffer from agoraphobia and its difficult for me to go into the surgery
  5. hi new to the forum but i joined specificly to reply to this thread i suffer from the same condition and was refused benefits for the same reason i appealed and won my case but it took nearly 6 months when you fill your forms in ,request a home examination and get a letter off your gp supporting the request, also look on the internet for a local disability support group who will help you fill out your forms and help with any appeals and problems that might pop up it is a terrible condition and a lot of people treat it as a joke they have no idea just how crushing and life altering it can be,the fact that your at the appeals stage is still nothing to worry about you do not have to attend the appeal ,mine actualy took place in my home,3 panel members a clerk and my own representative attended,they went out and sat in there car to discuss the case and i won my appeal,2 weeks after i got another medical request lol ,my rep rang them and explained id just finished winning an appeal and it was sorted asap ,all in from filling in my IB40 it took about a year to sort out with 6 months on reduced benefit
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