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  1. Hi, i hope somebody here can shed some light on my small predicament.


    I have been working for the same company for 10 years, working full time, 38.75 hours a week. 9 - 5.45, in the employee handbook it states full time workers are allowed 2 x 15 minute paid breaks and 1 hour unpaid lunch.


    my manager has now told me i am only going to be working until 5.00 with only 1 half hour lunch break, 15 minutes of which will be paid and 15 unpaid, i will be receiving exactly the same pay for what my manager tells me is exactly the same hours work, however, as i see it, i will be doing 15 minutes less work as that will be deemed as part of my break entitlement.


    When i started in this job role i never received a contract, but have been working the exact same shift for 10 years, with the 2 fifteen minute breaks and the 1 hour lunch.


    It can be a very stressful job at times and i really believe i need that hour lunch to get away from work to unwind, as we are not allowed out of the building on paid breaks.


    I would be grateful if anyone could give me any advice on this matter.

  2. I have defaulted today with lendingstream and it seems they can set up a direct debit, my queeries with them regarding why they took random payments remained unnanswered and i dont know what to do next, is there a template email around here that i can send to them telling them i would like the information by post or mail before i make any further payments?

  3. Hi Cornetgirl and thanks for the reply, i havent put the account in dispute as of yet, i borrowed the money and i have been repaying it no problem, its just that i asked for them to send me a breakdown in an email and they refused, saying something about the data protection act and they cant do it.


    I really want to know if they can send me a breakdown in an email if i ask for it through their website, which is what i did.


    i had no emails saying any payments where missed or late, this money just started disapearing, i get paid a week today and dont want to have to withdraw all my cash to stop them doing it again, its just lucky all my importand DDs had gone out or i would of been in real trouble.

  4. Hi everyone, hope someone can help me with this.


    Im new to the forums although i have read a lot with interest, but now i have my own problem i need help with.


    I took out a payday loan with Lending Stream, and have not missed a single payment, however, after my last pay day, they started taking small random amounts out of my bank account, ranging from around £2 to £20.


    I dont know exactly how much they have taken so far, but its been everyday, i emailed and asked why and could they send me an email breakdown of what these amounts where for, i got an email back the next day saying, due to the data protection act i have to ring them on their extortionate phone number.


    Are they allowed to do this, i had to empty my account to prevent them from taking anymore, as i did not know what else to do.


    Any advice would be appreciated.



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