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  1. Hi, i hope somebody here can shed some light on my small predicament. I have been working for the same company for 10 years, working full time, 38.75 hours a week. 9 - 5.45, in the employee handbook it states full time workers are allowed 2 x 15 minute paid breaks and 1 hour unpaid lunch. my manager has now told me i am only going to be working until 5.00 with only 1 half hour lunch break, 15 minutes of which will be paid and 15 unpaid, i will be receiving exactly the same pay for what my manager tells me is exactly the same hours work, however, as i see it, i will be doing 15 minut
  2. I have defaulted today with lendingstream and it seems they can set up a direct debit, my queeries with them regarding why they took random payments remained unnanswered and i dont know what to do next, is there a template email around here that i can send to them telling them i would like the information by post or mail before i make any further payments?
  3. Not cancelled anything as of yet, just wanted a little advice as to where i stood on the email/statement issue, guess im going to have to get them to send it to me. Dont really want to put account into dispute if im honest, dont want the hassle of nagging phone calls at work and home, heard so many horror stories it frightens me.
  4. Hi Cornetgirl and thanks for the reply, i havent put the account in dispute as of yet, i borrowed the money and i have been repaying it no problem, its just that i asked for them to send me a breakdown in an email and they refused, saying something about the data protection act and they cant do it. I really want to know if they can send me a breakdown in an email if i ask for it through their website, which is what i did. i had no emails saying any payments where missed or late, this money just started disapearing, i get paid a week today and dont want to have to withdraw all my cash
  5. Hi everyone, hope someone can help me with this. Im new to the forums although i have read a lot with interest, but now i have my own problem i need help with. I took out a payday loan with Lending Stream, and have not missed a single payment, however, after my last pay day, they started taking small random amounts out of my bank account, ranging from around £2 to £20. I dont know exactly how much they have taken so far, but its been everyday, i emailed and asked why and could they send me an email breakdown of what these amounts where for, i got an email back the next day sayin
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