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  1. Hi, I have made a couple of previous threads here and here about a Rossendales bailiff. The debt was for a £80 PCN which has risen to £400+ due to three attendance charges of £25, £35 and £45, a £65 levy charge and a £165 van fee added at the same time as the levy. They claim to have levied on my wife's car (the debt is in her name) but no notice of seizure was left. We have complained to the Executive of the council and Rossendales. The reply from Rossendales backed up the bailiff but stated that she is adamant that she posted a distress notice when she levied on the car. This is still n
  2. I recently complained to Rossendales about the conduct of their bailiff and them claiming to have levied on my wife's car thanks to advice received from an older thread. I have had a reply back where basically they say everything she did was within her rights and they 'look forward to receiving £403 from me in the next 14 days' I included in the complaint that the bailiff claimed to have levied on my wife's car but did not leave a notice of seizure or list of goods and inventory. They claim that the bailiff completed the levy and left a notice of distress. Is this the same? It did not inc
  3. Well done with that vicki. I have just sent a complaint about her to the coucil and rossendales today by email and will get the letters printed and sent off aswell. Hope that is enough because I really dont fancy her snooping around my house even if she cant come in, she said she would be back today or tomorrow but she cant do anything because she didnt leave a notice of seizure when she spied on me and levied the car.
  4. Thanks, I'll get it done in the morning and I'll keep an eye out for the complaint letter.
  5. So if the levy is invalid this means that the van fee should not have been put on as there was nothing to collect? My wife is the registered keeper of the car and it is paid in full. This is what is worrying us as if she does take it it is worth about £3750, would we get any of that back. The car has been moved to another address for the moment though.
  6. no we have moved the car to another address and borrowed someone's for a few days. just worried if she is following me she might levy this car that doesnt belong to me.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I have removed the name from the other thread. Who should I ask about the Notice of Seizure? Should it be the bailiff or Rossendales over the phone. Also does that mean that there should not be a levy charge and van fee? The car is fully paid up in my wifes name.
  8. My husband checked it on the HM courts service and it there is someone *REMOVED* who was licensed at a Burnley court. he was saying he thinks rossendales get all their bailiffs licensed there. must have a judge in their pocket if someone is licensing these thugs.
  9. how the hell can this company exsist!! all they are is a bunch of thugs!! she said she is gonna turn up on thursday or friday this week, but im not even gonna answer the door. I've got a camera and my phone to record anything she says. surely if they are all these ppl who have had horrendous dealings with rossendales something has to be done!!!
  10. Hi. My husband has put a post on earlier about our situation with Rossendales. From the sound of it we are in the same boat as you Vicki. Was the Balliff called *REMOVED*?? because my husband was told the way our balliff put a levy on our car was because she had been watching me taking my sons out in the car!! sounds a lot like your issues. Also when i spoke to her yesterday i thought that she was trying to scare me by saying she had been at a property all day with the police but it looks like that was you as we are both in newcastle. She is a horrible, rude and just plain cheeky wom
  11. Hi, firstly thanks for a great site. I have gained alot of helpful information but have a few specific questions regarding bailiffs. I'll try to include as much about our case as possible. My wife has just had a final notice from Rossendales for a unpaid parking charge from Newcastle Council. We remember getting a letter from the council saying that we had to pay £60 which we were going do but the letter got tidied away and forgot about (silly I know). In March we got two hand delivered Notice of Attendance letters from a bailiff. We phoned Rossendales and arranged a payment plan for
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