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  1. Thanks Slick, I have delivered a letter to the court objecting to the need for a strikeout hearing, although I suspect that I will have to attend the hearing anyway. I have e-mailed you a pdf of the letter I delivered and the attached docs- I wonder if you wouldn't mind taking a look over them to make sure I'm not missing anything ongoing thanks
  2. Hi Slick, thanks for the reply. I have spoken to the Barclays legal clerk dealing with my case. Apparently, Barclays did not request the strikeout hearing. The District Judge assigned to my case ( who is a specialist in family law) seems to be reluctant to acknowledge my arguments thus far that this case has nothing to do with the Supreme Court ruling on "bank charges". I have already spoken to someone from listings but to no avail. Fortunately I do still have time to write to the court. Barclays meantime have upped their offer again but it's still less than half of my total claim. I
  3. Barclays recently made offer to refund just over 25% of claim Then ......Received this from court 28th April: "Upon the Court considering the claim herein and the fact that it appears to raise issues identical to those dealt with by the Supreme Court in the Bank Charges case TAKE NOTICE that there will be a hearing for consideration of striking out the claim on ** May 2010 at ** .30pm" Can anyone advise on best preparation for the hearing which is scheduled for 30 mins?
  4. Ok , Allocation Questionnaire plus attachments safely delivered. One copy to court ,one copy to B/card.
  5. Slick , was wondering what I need to include in section G of Allocation Questionnaire(Other information)- just being double cautious as this is my AQ debut. Also, do I definitely NOT have to include a fee for a an N149(small claims) AQ in section H if the claim is under £1500?
  6. Sarnie, did you notice that tinsie1970 has been sent exactly the same cca 2004 paste up job as you and me? Tinsie's one is more badly done than either of ours and the sig. box occurs twice, once on the bottom of page 1 and then again on the top of page 2. Let me know if you spot any others, we'll get to the bottom of this eventually anyway , good luck and keep going regards mr.sshh
  7. My sincere thanks to UKaviator for help sorting my spreadsheet issues
  8. Thanks Slick, I've got a couple of other spreadsheets as back-up but wanted Vamps one because that's the one I used in my original POC when the claim was submitted way back in 2008- Don't want to give B/card any chance of using the fact that figures are different from orig soc, against me, rather than being an updated version of the same schedule. I have pm'd one ro two other people so I'll give it til tomorrow to see if Vamps spreadsheet materialises. many thanks
  9. That's Vampiress's Google spreadsheet NO. 16 Anyone?
  10. Hmmmm... It seems Vampiress has moved on to pastures new! Does anyone by chance have a version of this spreadsheet they could send me? From Vampiress's Chambers - Google spreadsheets "CREDIT CARD CHARGES CLAIM CALCULATIONS ENGLAND AND WALES ADVANCED VERSION-estimate bank interest charged on penalties THROUGHOUT CLAIM WITH COMPOUNDED CONTRACTUAL INTEREST " My computer recently went into meltdown and I've lost this spreadsheet- need to update my schedule of charges URGENTLY so I can send it to Court and Barclaycard by 19th. many thanks in advance mr.sshh
  11. Thanks Slick, court sent me wrong Allocation Questionnaire - new one received today (small claims track), submission date remains 19th March. I am trying to access Vampiress's google spreadsheet -advanced credit card -throughout claim with compounded contractual interest but even when signed in to my google account can't access it. Any ideas on best way to access it?
  12. HI All morganstanley/goldfish/barclaycard Same B/card account as my other thread but this thread deals purely with my claim for return of "credit card" charges for my Barclaycard account and not CCA - this claim was stayed in August 2008 because it was INCORRECTLY lumped in with stayed "bank charges" cases pending the result of the OFT testcase. On Slick132 's advice I wrote to the court politely requesting removal of stay without the need for submission of an N244 form and the attendant cost. The Court agreed and I've just received my Allocation Questionnaire. However,
  13. HI Sarnie any developments or further communications from Barc/Mercers/Caulders/ etc. ? my latest is from "resovecall" in Glasgow..a new one on me...acting on behalf of Mercers. I have blanked them so far. Still haven't solved the mystery of the curious "cca" we both received for our 2004 Morgan Stanley accounts. My account no. also completely changed when it transferred from Goldfish to B/card even though Goldfish kept my original Morgan Stanley account no. Anyway, the good fight goes on regards and best wishes mr.sshh
  14. Hi Guys, thanks for the replies... main man - they had previously sent two a3 pages of Morgan Stanley conditions in answer to previous requests for cca (i.e. before I got the FOS involved). However, nothing to tell me what era they came from, so I don't know if they are relevant to my account or not. sarnie- just checked out your confirmation form on post 4 of your Barclaycard thread - yours has been cut in almost exactly the same place as mine ! Anyone out there know why this has been done ? and any more wisdom on the enforceability of this cca is deeply welcome....
  15. Ok, so against all expectations, Barclaycard have responded very quickly to the intervention of the FOS with a letter and "copy of my CCA" for the original Morgan Stanley account. However, it looks to be a badly executed cut-up job. There is a blatant page wide, horizontal cut-line two inches above the signature box. Someone has (ineptly and by hand) pasted the top two thirds of one paper document over the bottom third of another. http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab285/trenttsnake/Morg%20Stan%20CCA/Morg_Stan_CCA_1_cens1.jpg[/img] http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab285/trent
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