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  1. The bailiffs came back for their clamp today. I handed over an invoice for storage fees and explained that for the release of the device i only accepted cash! "your having a laugh" said the bailiff in true meat head style. He went on to phone the police who arrived and made me hand over the clamp, without charging them i have to add
  2. Hello again, I have today recieved a letter from the bailiffs, who are by the way a company called Marston Group Limited. The letter is only to confirm receipt of my complaint, and states " once we have reached our conclusion we will notify you in writing "...... Im not sure what to make of this actually ????? I still have the clamp ( the yellow triangle kind) making a rather nice feature now in my garden. Im quite tempted to paint a bit smiley face on it!
  3. Good thinking, I wasn't but I will now. Any ideas what the going storage rate is? Thanks
  4. I awoke last Thursday morning to find that a company of bailiffs had been into my garden and clamped my car! They had done this while we were all sleeping. They had left a notice of removal on my car window stating if I did not pay immediately the sum of £306 they would return at 10am that day to remove my vehicle for auction. Stated also was their client name, which was my local council! I spent many hours trying to call the bailiffs mobile number after he failed to return at 10am, but was unable to get through. I contacted my local council to see if they could shed any light onto this matter, as I knew I had no outstanding/unpaid issues with them. They were unable to help me and told me I had to take it up with the company in which the bailiff worked. I located their email address from the company web site and asked them basically what on earth was going on? Throughout this I spoke with my solicitor. I was informed that the bailiff had in fact illigally levied my car. The vehicle in which he clamped was obtained via finance and in the eyes of the law it was the finance company who owned the car and not me. I was also told I was within my rights to remove the clamp myself as long as I did not damage it. I sent a further email to the baliffs informing them I would remove the clamp myself if they failed to communucate with me that morning. Still nothing from then so I removed the clamp (undamaged) and stored it in my back garden. Once again I emailed the bailiffs asking them to come and pick up their clamp as I did not want to be responsible for their device. I also contacted my local police station, just in case/if the bailiffs reported me for theft of the clamp. They were very helpful, took all the details and gave me a log number to quote should i need. As of today I have sent the bailiffs 4 emails and 1 official letter of complaint, and still nothing at all from them. The clamp is still in my garden.
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