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  1. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452633-PCN-from-New-Generation-Parking-Management
  2. Just to provide some closure on this, I appealed to POPLA as per the advice above - but did it through the Website. Once I had appealed, the Parking Company were required to provide their evidence to POPLA - which they apparently did. However, I was not able to see the evidence they had provided, so was unable to argue against it. I then messaged POPLA asking them to make the evidence available to me, and they responded saying that the Parking Company would need to send it out to me seperately. I then began waiting for this evidence to arrive in the post. For 4 consecutive Mondays I s
  3. Received a reply from them on Saturday, have attached photos of the letter. Can you advise on how to proceed please, or point me towards the most current resource to deal with this? Many thanks!
  4. Is anyone able to advise on whether this is good to go please? Many thanks!
  5. The only thing I received was the letter attached to this thread with 'parking charge notice' written in huge letters in the header! There was nothing left on the vehicle - another letter draft is above.
  6. Another attempt, borrowed heavily from another forum post here. I'd much rather send something short and sweet though if appropriate (along the lines of rejecting any liability and simply asking for a POPLA code?) -------------- To whom it may concern, RE: Your letter dated XX, reference YY. As the keeper of the vehicle in question, I am not obliged or liable to meet any demands for payment that you are insisting on. Any and all liability would be denied on the basis of the following: 1. The amount is neither a genuine tariff/fee for parking, nor is it based
  7. Ah, thanks for that - I took it directly from consumerwiki - will try and get another draft sorted soon instead.
  8. Is it acceptable to just send this templated letter from the Wiki here? It doesn't seem that there's any need for me to add anything to this unless it will make them go away quicker if they're just going to ignore it anyway? ---------------------- To whom it may concern, Re: Your letter dated XX Reference YY I acknowledge receipt of your captioned letter. It seems that you have got my details from the DVLA and I confirm I am the keeper of the vehicle in question. You need to take this matter up with the driver concerned. In the meantime I absolutely deny your cl
  9. Is this what I should be using as a response to them, in conjunction with the advice offered by silverfox1961?
  10. I'm not entirely clear on why the letter through the post is not compliant? Just to be clear, there was no ticket left on my car (as I might have implied?). Would you mind explaining please?
  11. Date of parking event 07/09/2015, date of notice 10/09/2015 - not sure what date the letter was received as I was out of the country and returned to this on my doormat on Monday!
  12. I've recently received the attached PCN from New Generation Parking Management, relating to time my vehicle spent in a private car park, Waterfront 2000, CF10. The letter I've received asks for £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 7 days - and gives the reason for the charge as being "on roadway". I have blanked out the photos, but they were clearly taken by somebody with a handheld camera. I have also attached a photo of one of the signs, although it would be reasonable to assume that the roadside where the vehicle was parked was before you had actually entered the 'car park'.
  13. This is what I thought, and what I've been told on several occasions. Would you suggest that I write another letter highlighting this and tell them to take it to court if they have any further problems? I may also call the DVLA to ask for advice regarding stolen vehicles and record it, see if I get the same response again.
  14. Hi all My car was stolen last September, and was found by the police a few weeks later completely burned out and unrepairable. Since this happened, I have done the following: - Reported this to the police (obviously) - Reported this to my insurer - Called the DVLA to see if any action was needed on my part (twice) - Called the DVLA to see if I was eligible to claim back unspent tax due to the car being stolen. Each person I have spoken to from the police/dvla have stated that there is a PNC report generated by the police that informs the DVLA that the car is stolen an
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