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  1. The account was probably in default before Cabot got their grubby paws on it. All they have done is update the account owner info, they aren't allowed to change the original default date.
  2. Natwest send me one of those "review" letters every six months, I have 5 now. I haven't sent them a thing and they have finally adjusted the "minimum payment" section of their statements to reflect what I am paying them. I genuinely think it's just a ruse to get you to phone them. You really shouldn't pay them a penny more than you can afford. Good luck.
  3. You are aware this thread is over a year old right?
  4. Not for me Brig, I (and the better half) ran up a chunk of personal debt but I haven't had a holiday in 7 years, there is no Jaguar sitting on the drive and there is a distinct lack of caviar, foie gras and truffles on the dinner table. I genuinely feel that most of the debt that is run up is to fund the essentials when the pay packet don't quite stretch far enough.
  5. If EOS say they are acting on behalf of someone else, I'd just ignore them. I did for nearly two years as I'm dealing with the original creditor and frankly EOS aren't worth the time and effort.
  6. To obfuscate and confuse the issue, precious little else.
  7. I just don't get this lot at all. I've just checked my credit file and the balance is recorded as owned by 'look again' but the account status is 'up to date' and the balance is £1 in credit. I still get occasional mail/call from EOS but I have it on record that the account is still owned by Look Again and I have heard nothing to suggest otherwise. I guess my question is, should I keep paying into an account which is now going into credit or just stop? I dunno, this situation is just weird and all for a balance of just over 100 quid.
  8. It means they'll go looking (if they can be bothered) for statements, credit agreements etc. Chances are they wont find much, if anything. Personally, I'd do absolutely nowt till they get back to you.
  9. While most of what our DCA friend Eduin says is offensive tripe... He is right about OC's offering discounts (presumably to get them off the books). I have two debts with different banks which both have the correct paperwork, no ppi, charges already reclaimed, interest is frozen, show on CRA and are continued to be reported on...yet they offered a reduced settlement (albeit a fairly small one). I didn't take them up on it on the basis that a) I could probably negotiate a better deal myself and b) I couldn't afford it (after all I've got all that alcohol to buy before I think about paying debts). I guess most of the time it's for fleecing reason but it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be.
  10. I've been thinking recently, conventional wisdom and advice on this forum seems to be to reclaim PPI and penalty charges on accounts (assuming of course they are legit) as soon as possible. This is indeed what I did and reduced the total balance by over £1500...sounds great, but... Here's my thoughts, if an creditor decided at a whim to go down the court route to retrieve owed monies it's one less thing to have in your defence if there are no longer penalty charges or badly sold ppi left on the accounts. My idea is we should perhaps leave the reclaiming until after the meat of the account is paid THEN reclaim as there should be nothing left to pay by then. Am I being slightly mad?
  11. Don't mate, keep everything in writing, that way you have a record. It may be tempting to vent your spleen at them but anything said in a phone conversation is almost useless.
  12. Cheers Brig, is it appropriate to drop the payments down to £1 or even withhold payments altogether?
  13. Well, Brittania/Moorgate have failed miserably to send me anything resembling a statement of account. One balance (which is not quite correct) then...silence. As I have not had any meaningful statement since October 2010, is this a valid reason for putting the account into dispute? Thanks
  14. Can I just clarify something DX, if an account is defaulted, then six years pass, but payments are still being made. Do the payments beyond the six years simply not get recorded at all on the CRA?
  15. Sorry, but much of that is misleading. Creditors can and will get a default judgement on their say so...if, and only if, the claim is not defended. Now, the fact that you were not aware that a judgment was being processed (and therefore had no opportunity to defend) means that you may have decent grounds to have the judgement 'set aside'. More knowledgable caggers than me can help/verify. Only if they only hear one side of the story.
  16. Who knows? Maybe, probably even...honestly, talk to HMRC. You'll find them totally reasonable.Let's face it, if they allowed Portsmouth FC to carry on trading after owing millions, a few hundred quid isn't going to phase them too much.
  17. I'm no expert but I always make sure I pay the taxman over and above everybody else. On the plus side, unlike financial institutions or Debt collection morons, HMRC are actually quite reasonable to talk to most of the time. I'll bet if you explain the situation you can find a solution. What are the charges for? Tax return late?
  18. If the only thing you are looking for are the charges applied, it might be worth just asking. All but one of my credit card debts just gave me the info...well worth a second class stamp as opposed to a tenner. Just a thought.
  19. Interesting points CB, I hadn't thought of them putting a premium on a removal. I actually tried to clear a debt of about £1000 a while back with £200 which they accepted bar the default removal. After reading various posts here I pushed hard for removal and eventually refused...I actually regret that now, but you live and learn, I might give it another go. Anybody actually managed it?
  20. I've read on several threads here that part of any full and final settlement should be the removal of any negative credit report markers, indeed that criterion is a standard for all the template letters I've seen. My questions are however... Is it really so important given that a credit file is likely to be trashed by many other accounts anyway, plus someone (definitely includes me) who has got into the situation of excessive debt isn't giving too much of a stuff about the state of a CRA? Secondly, has anyone actually managed it? I can't find any success stories on this (or any other) forums in this regard. Is it a myth? I'm interested in any experiences. Thanks.
  21. Can you post up the letter here with all personal info removed? I'm wondering if they actually say they 'ARE' taking you to court...I'll wager not.
  22. I am! Firms charging anything, never mind over a grand a year is no better than the shenanigans that DCA's get up to...at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask! Follow DX's advice though, check credit files... Look at it this way, if your friend made the payments to the creditors him/herself, would the creditors care? Nope...but your friend is nearly £50 a month better off.
  23. I would ditch Bairns and Earnst as well, I think I'm right in saying they charge a fee so even assuming the debts ar payable and the amounts owed are correct (highly unlikely) then not all his hard-earned is repaying them. At least use a free service such as CCCS or Payplan...or even better, do it yourself
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