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  1. Oh don't worry they wont show. They will send a settlement letter prior to the date or possibly as they did with me it will be waiting at court if they are really chancing their arm. How did I prepare? I read up on the laws I listed in my claim. You can find them online pretty easily and made sure I had copies of the relevant bits. I had Bank Fodders script from the Going to court Library and a copy of all letters from both parties. My strategy if it came to it was to do the Columbo "I'm sorry I'm a bit stupid but..." schtick As everyone keeps saying they won't show. The judge
  2. A thank you post really and one that should end up in the Lloyds section. Your site was a huge font of advice and knowledge on getting my charges back in full. This finally happened on 12/1/07 it was not without incident however; Usual story no interest in responding to letters ecetera. I had heard stories of Lloyds threatening to close claimants accounts so took my business elsewhere prior to the action Lloyds filed a defence on the last day they were able and then managed to get the case allocated on the 29th of December I assume on the basis I would not show. They
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