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  1. Sorry Dx just looked it up quickly will have a read thank you
  2. Many thanks for replies much appreciated. DX what is a CRA
  3. In short I brought a samasung S8+ mobile August 2017. On doing a reset April 2018 it has a screen burn (samasung advice) I brought the phone from Amazon 3rd party seller. I tried to contact the seller who refused to communicate with me Amazon also tried and advised me to apply for a charge back form the credit card company. I have today heard that they will not do this has the card was used at Amazon and Amazon will not help has it is with a 3rd seller. the phone is less than a year old and appears i have no redress to any resolution in either a repair, refund or replacement. Is there any thing else i can try. Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Thank you for your advice Bazooka Boo much appreciated they have offered to repair but i know when I've lost confidence in something like this scooter as it almost stooped when crossing a road and the anxiety i get i will find it difficult to go out alone or often for fear of it doing the same even if repaired so it becomes not fit for purpose for me as the reason i got it was to get me out more. I understand that the Consumers Act says that a repair or replacement unless it would cause significant inconvenience which i believe applies to me. The company as well as been appalling.
  5. I am looking for some advice re mobility scooter. I brought a new scooter from Care_Co http://www.careco.co.uk/cl-ms/mobility-scooters.htm in June i went out approx 4 times on this until early September because i had to wait until some of my garden had been concreted over to accommodate scooter. On approx by 10th trio it stared to break down, it went okay the stooped etc and twice crossing the road. I contacted the supplier and i have been met with indifference, it took almost 5 weeks before an engineer called which was today. There is a fault with the scooter. I have asked for a full refund as i have no confidence in the scooter or the company even if it was repaired. I understand that under the Consumers Act a company has tooter at least attempt at repair or replacement unless it would cause significant inconvenience. I have explained that has well as a physical disability i also have Bipolar disorder and anxiety which for me means that i will not feel safe on this scooter if repaired and would not feel comfortable going out alone on it which negates the reason i brought it for. I have found the company so difficult in that its been impossible to speak to a manager, i have made 5 attempts in the last 10 days to speak to a manager and i get fobbed of, 4 times via phone, once via email and no one gets back to me. Today when the engineers left i rang the company again and said i wanted a refund again i could not speak to a manager, then in minutes i got a call from the engineers company (who had told me they were separate from care co and would take a couple of days for the report to go through) to say that a part has been ordered i went through it all again. I feel they are pushing a repair on me and giving me no option as no one will communicate with me, any ideas on what i can do next and what are my rights. Many thanks for any advice and for reading
  6. Its been awhile but i wanted to update you because i never would have got this far without all the advice and support given. On Saturday i received a letter from Hoist Portfolio Holding to say my debt had been written of, this was one of the accounts. Today i received another letter to say my other account has to been written of. I am debt free for the first time in 20 years, a weight has been lifted. Thank you all so much
  7. Didn't receive telephone call yesterday. Will wait until the end of the week and ring the number I was given if call does not happen. Today received letter from the executive office with a goodwill offer of £50 because of problems with SAR together with explanation of their difficulties. Also received today another package of computer print outs and statements. Mainly same stuff as received last week. I have spent the day going through it all. Some of the print outs give basic info but statements only going back to 2004. Bit confused with it all. Can any of you good people answer a couple of questions I have. 1.Went delinquent in 2001. Recovery status. Only charge I can see was in 2001 "out of order fee £40.00, can I reclaim this? 2.Print out states " No c/off T/C s or historics available, unenforceable too old for c/off t/c 3.PPI cancelled 2000. Opened 1995. Refund of £500 no interest paid, no data 4. What does profiles indicator mean as it has yes besides that. Any answers/advice gratefully received.
  8. I wish BB:lol:. I need statements from the year before when all started to go belly up. I started to get straight towards the end of 2001 re: current account with santander. Statements from Barclays I have so far show that cards were suspended mid 2001. Have more questions than I started with, more confused now. Have someone from Barclays ringing me on the 7th, may get some answers. I know that my debt with Lewis, after paying monthly for 11 years is in the main interest. Interest was going on the cards for a couple of years after cards were suspended and I defaulted. I first saw the phase cash cow on here when I first wrote, that describes me to a tee, for I have truly been a cash cow. No more though. Have realms of computer print out to go through, if nothing else I will have enough scrap paper to last the rest of my days. Best wishes, will update after Monday
  9. Thanks for that Slick123. Thought as much going by what I have learnt on this site. I will however have a go, will let you know. In just one year, 2001 charges add up to a lot, makes me sad, I never stood a chance with keeping working, dealing with my mental health and other personal stuff. More interestedly I have just received a large package from Barclays, on first quick look statements going back to 2001. Letter included, mentions ICO, microfiche statements and they have requested more statements which I will receive shortly. Will have a good look and let you know anything interesting.
  10. Small Update & Big Thanks Barclays Received cheque for £500 PPI claim. Of course I have no way of knowing if this is fair or not but very grateful to get something. I also went through the data and in different parts states "for deletion" giving various months in 2013. I then decided to email Anthony Jenkins CEO, email was passed along and I have had long conversation with someone who is going to find out what she can and get back to by the 7th Oct. Santander Bank statements received going back to 2001. This I am assured is all they hold on me. Going through these statements I have Admin charges - various amounts Interest charges without ref - various amounts Unauthorised OD charges - £37.50 Daily OD charges Am I able to reclaim any of these charges? Lewis FOS is taking this up in their banking & Credit department. Had long chat with the case worker on Monday. Will update as and when lastly thank you, it feels like a long slog but I feel more empowered in tackling all this thanks to you people. I want to make a donation, don't have a paypal account, what other way can I do this? Bless you all
  11. Will do Slick123. Will be going through all the stuff they have sent so far and on reading the letter again it does state that Barclays have located date further back than they have already send. hope all is well with you
  12. Apologies for long overdue update. Bereavement and dip in health made pursuing things difficult. I wrote the whole story to the FOS & ICO. And researching as and when on here. So far: SAR to Barclays & Santander Santander would not give any data further back 6 years. Few letters later and letter from ICO today state that Santander "overlooked" archived data going back to 2001 and I should receive this within the next 28 days. Barclays data received back to 2004 and letter not clear if I shall receive any more. B/C rejected any PPI claim, then after FOS involvement I am waiting for an offer. Interestingly when I phoned Barclays the other day to see when this offer will materialise the guy stated that its with the calculations team and when I mentioned the missing data he said Oh they have it! (PPI date 1995) Lewis Group - After looking around the site I was concerned and confused around the cca (which I have never received) and the fact that card was taken out early 1980s which appeared to have different rules, I have paid £1 token payment monthly as I was unable to deal with any hassle from them. After letters putting account in dispute, asking for their complaints procedure and not getting a single reply to any letter or request, I have spoken to FOS and putting everything in writing with all copies of letters to Lewis and they are assisting me. Have case number and awaiting further info from them. I wanted to let you all know as I would never have got this far without all the wonderful and informative advice from this site. I feel able to tackle any hassle now. So will be pursuing Barclays/Santander/lewis further to finally rid myself of this debt and hopefully reclaim any charges I can. Thank you so much
  13. Info on friends debt. It is with Link she has been paying them monthly for past 8 years. Was a "goldfish" credit card. She would be grateful for advice on what she has received in response to CCA. Does say application form and not sure anyone will be able to read as print is as small as mine. Still trying to do something with that. Thanks in advance for any views on friends behalf
  14. will try again after a nights sleep, thanks dx and good night to you as well, keep same hours we seem
  15. i converted the scanned file to pdf. How do I attach pdf.? Well keep fiddling around and see if i can do it. Thanks as always for your time and advice dx.
  16. Thanks DX but how do i get the text bigger any ideas? I will follow your guidelines and see what comes out
  17. Have tried to make it bigger and the link goes through how to scan and upload. It is one page and a copy. It has my sig and name/address the date its signed makes me beleive it was either a replacement card as its signed 199* cards were taken out before that date. It states its a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit Act 1974. It has a box "Your right to cancel" but to small to read. Most to small to read. Any views if this enforceable agreement. Any ideas why Lewis/CL have not send anything at all. Until The other day when i got arrears letters. What do i do now start to token £1 month until and if i get further joy from SAR. I have also written tonight to the ICO and FOS with the whole story. Appriecate any help and advice, feel i have opened a can of worms and getting confused.
  18. Thanks Slick very useful. I have spent ages going through masses of print outs. Very little makes sense or helps. There is reference made to accounts going back to the 80s but no information that I can use. The statements only go back to 2004. Where the balance is 0.00 for every month until now. Looks like debt was sold 2006 for 10% of total. Have made a list and will write again to barclays but dont hold any hope of getting all the statments. I will take to court and see how far I get. Heard from Lewis re my arrears. One thing that came from data is that there is a credit agreement a copy. Will scan it up please could i have any advice. Have also send request again to Santander and looks like i may have to take them to court for disclosure as well. Any advice will be very much appreciated
  19. I recieved today data from Barclays in response from my SAR. I have pages of print out witch make little sense. Date starts 1983. Also have copy statments from just one of the credit cards that starts 2004. I need to have a good look but on first going through there is nowhere it states PPI on these credit cards. My guess is that PPi was applied to 2 loans paid up fully, only there is no data about these loans at all. Any ideas on what i do next. Thanks
  20. Will do BB many thanks for your time and advice. Will update as and when
  21. Yes BB I did. I sent template from here and after first cheque returned, sent another request and made it very clear that i wanted all data on all accounts.
  22. Thanks BB Santander state "You have asked for your bank statments,which we assume is to enable you to reconcile your bank charges. The transactional information you require is available on our systems and will be forwarded to you free of charge. We are returning your £10 fee." I have 2 accounts 1 I have used since 1996 and do all money in/out.The other is account opened 3 years ago to use if i buy anything online and i transfer money to cover just that. On this account they have sent the 3 years of bank statments and have ignored my main current account opened in 1996. I have no bank charges as i have not been overdrawn since 2002/3 I wanted the data to see what i had paid during the years 2000-2002 in relation to my debt with Lewis/CL I will be seeing my friend next week and get more details on her debts. I adviced her to do a CCA request and copy of application form came back from LINK. Many thanks for advice
  23. Update really and advice if possible. I have not heard anything at all from Lewis/CL is this usual? No threats no CCA,nothing. I have not had any data from Barclays, they have not cashed cheque. They have 5 more days I have had my cheque returned from Santander again for SAR,this is current acount from1996 and still active. What is my next move, is it letter before action? I am also helping a friend who is paying DCA for years. In response to CCA request a copy of application form was returned.The writing so small and from what I can tell from my research on here does not comply. I will try and scan up but it is very small. What would be the next step. Friend has no access to computor so doing it for her. Many thanks for any advice and direction
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