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  1. Thanks Pumpytums, I did reply to the Calim & defended my case as you know. The case was made Stayed by the Court in Sept, as Link never responded. But, Link are still pestering me, I do hope they will stop eventually. I've got to the point where I don't even answer the house phone, just to aviod any contact with them. I keep filing the correspondence I get from them. Just incase they are going to instruct the Court to lift the Stay. The 10 days will be up next Friday 20 Jan, so I'll wait for the dreaded mail to come through the post, and see what happens. Regards Selena
  2. Thanks Andy, Hope your well, so what they are just toying with my emotions, hoping that I'll contact them sharpish to agree to a Tomlin Order. I'll just wait & see what happens from here. Keep you updated & thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, Well, I did recieve info back from MNBA, with a signed copy of the agreement and so on. Since Sept 2010, I have had a number of letterf rom Link asking me to contact them regrding this debt & a Tomlin Order, as advised I ignored all contact with Link and haven't answered them to date. But on 13 Dec 2010, got a letter to say contact them urgently as they feltthe information they have provided sufficiently confirmed my liabilty for the oustanding debt, in no response they were going to contact the Court & ask them to progress with the claim. I got another letter from
  4. Hi SF2010, Haven't heard anything from Link. Still no news from MBNA either. The 40 days are up on 20th Sept, so, if no news i'll issue the letter before action letter. Thanks for your help. Regrads Selena
  5. Hi SF2010, Yes I'm well thanks. Checked my bank statement today & the £10.00 cheque was cashed on 24th Aug 2010, But, still haven't heard from MBNA. Having said that I wouldn't have known this case was Stayed, if I hadn't contacted the Court, As they haven't even informed of this in writing. Thanks for your help. Regards Selena
  6. Thanks for your advice SF2010, Yes, i will surely be glad when this is all over. Does it not matter that Link did provide me with a copy of the orginal credit agreement from MBNA, but this was a rough photocopy & some info had been blacked out, however, they did not provide "what I asked for, or in the time scale given"!!! Yes, you are correct the tone of the last two letters have changed, and I suppose if Link had the required information as you said, they would of not let if go this far, and the case Stayed. I will make a complaint to the OFT re Link!!!! Regards Sele
  7. Thanks SF2010, The Court representaive that I spoke to said this case is not over, but as Link never replied to my defence within 28 days then the case was stayed on 18 Aug 2010. Link provided me with some vague information & a letter from MBNA dated 2002 to the address I moved from in 2000. Link, also provided me with a breakdown of the payments that I was making to them until Dec 2009. Does this mean that if MBNA the OC states that they hold no information on me, I can claim all monies paid to Link todate (as was only making payments to stop being harrassed) back with Interest?
  8. I've been told by the Court that this case is stayed!!! What does this mean for me????????? Regards Selena
  9. Thanks SF2010, I'll contact the Court tomorrow. Regards Selena
  10. Hello AC, Still no news from the Court, even though link's 28 days that they were given have past by 2 weeks!!! However, I've had another letter from Link with a copy of the last letter asking my to contact them, so we can come to an agreement. Will this go against me in Court as I've not contacted them??? Still waiting for the OC to respond to my SAR, but, still haven't heard back from them either!!! Shall, I wait or contact the Court as I'm getting anxious Regards
  11. Hi AC, I have done the SAR to MBNA. However, 28 days are up tomorrow, so should hear from the Court soon. I think Link would have responded to them. I was told that I'd receive an Allocation Questionnaire where I can request full disclosure from Link. Regards
  12. Hi Ac, I'm doing the SAR letter to MBNA, but noticed that on the Letter of assigment that I recevied from Link was addressed to my old address in 2002, from which, I moved away from in 2000. Shall, I mention this in my SAR request to MBNA????
  13. Thanks Pumpytums, Sink did provide me with a breakdown of payment with the monies paid. Yes I have paid them over £900 they provided a Statement of Account dated 28 July 2010 the balance £as at 29 Dec 2009 was £3,360.00 then, 16 Feb 2010 £1 charge for SEC? 15 June 2010 DLIT charge £102.00? 15 June 2010 DSPC £190.00? 15 June 2010 £2,213.28 Interest? Balance as 25 July 2010 £5,866.28??????? What request should I send to MBNA?? Just a letter, asking for all information regarding the acconut? Shall, I send this recorded delivery or just post a letter to MBNA Customer Services?
  14. Hi Pumpytums, thanks for your response. I never sent a Subject access request to the OC which are MBNA, as previous posts suggested this would be a waste of time. No, I haven't received an allocation questionnaire from Link as yet. I have only received that letter dated 27 July from Link since the CPR 31.14 request, and this took longer than 14 days!!! What will happen if I dont call Link??? As the Court gave 28 days for Link to respond to my defence. Regards Selena
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