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  1. Dear All, I still remember that day. I called them I gave the agent my debit card number and i ask her to pay all in a solution and after few days I receive the agreement. No, if they are not getting the money why are they sending the agreement and if they send the agreement and they have some money with the payment why they are not sending me a recorder second class letter advising me they have a problem? I still wait a reply from them and as the TV is broken they are not keen to find any agreement. Issue is over for them
  2. I bought a SAMSUNG TV 32 inches in 2007 from Dixons online, then I applied for the 5 years extended warranty and after few days I received the agreement with them and an expiration date in 2012. I think that it is perfect as now I have no problem. In Feb this year the TV was dead so I looked for the licence agreement number, I called them and I was told that they had some problem with the payment therefore the agreement was void. Therefore I complained with them about this: why did you send me an agreement? why didn't you inform me about any arising problem? So far I am still in discussions with them them as for them you should always check your bank statement and the bank should always notify you any problem. Obviosuly according to them they acted by the rule and they believe to be totally rights. The discission goes on but I would advise not to apply for that extended warranty as the service and the customer support service are just rubbish and I can prove it with the letters they sent!!!
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