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  1. Thought of something else this morning. The company should also have a code of conduct policy for its staff when dealing with service users. Get a copy of that if your mum hasnt got it to hand. Read it through again before the meeting. Good luck:) Dettie
  2. Hi jinxxx, Not an employment expert but do commission services for vulnerable adults for an LA so some points you might find useful. Has your mum got a copy of her terms and conditions, plus a copy of the companies whistleblowing policy. It has to have one if it is providing services to vulnerable people. The whistleblowing policy and complaints policy should also be provided to the service users upon request so there should be plenty available. Before the disciplinary hearing (make sure she has a union rep or colleague with her) 1. Whats the basis of the hearing ? The or
  3. Hi, Been away for a while but will definitely be responding to this tomorrow. OH had rare neurological problem and was called back within a year for a second medical, even though was in hospital dying at the time. So it will be my priviledge and absolute pleasure to provide evidence for this enquiry. Dettie x
  4. Hi Bluestar, Speaking from personal experience, my late husband had to attend an Atos medical for EAS, last year and he was terrified, had physical and psychological problems and was convinced they were looking to disqualify him. I went with him, and made sure that he didn't forget anything. Please take someone to support you. The medical lasted 45 mins which was very hard for him, and I had to prompt him on certain things. Did you keep a copy of your completed form, that will also help you to remember. If not take your own notes in to help you remember. Tell them what happens when
  5. Now getting harrassed by Student loan company for goodness sake, have already sent off the death cert and now getting phone calls and letters demanding an original. Its like talking to a brick wall and they are harrassing me because of their inefficiency. Sent a snotty email and told them to fork out for their own from the registrar, and still get a letter with a stamped addressed envelope. Any use complaining to my MP, or does anyone know who is responsible for this inept org. Thanks:mad:
  6. Hi brigjac, Just thought I would share info gained from Tax office recently. My daughter is 13 and is receiving a very very very small monthly pension until she is 18 through my late husbands work pension. Income tax was taken off this under the code BR cumulative and when I queried it, I was informed that all of us attract the Basic rate of tax subject to personal allowances, and the only way to get this back is to ask for a temporary tax code for her. ??? So they get the money first and you have to do all the work to get it back ! Regards Dettie
  7. Sorry for delay in replying, sunday was always going to be a rough day, so took my daughter away for a few days. Anyway thanks for the info regarding the life assurance, Elsa, I will check the policy to see what it says. I will also send out the letter asking for proof of debt and statement of account as suggested. Dettie x
  8. Hi DD & Sillygirl1 Thanks for your messages, good ideas about the CAB and further advice about the life assurance, hadn't occured to me, was just flapping about the debt letters. My first instinct was that to tell them to take a running jump, but I want to make sure I deal with it properly for him. Dettie:)
  9. Thank you for your prompt and helpful response, it made me very cross when I received their letters. Its hard enough dealing with his loss, without having this kind of hassle. I'll keep checking the site.
  10. Thanks thats great. I would be very happy to make them work for it. How much info does the statement of account cover. Can I ask for a complete list of the payments or is there a time limit ?
  11. Hi, I wonder if you can provide advice for my situation please. My husband passed away in May, he was 44, did not leave a will, had been on ESA for over a year (wont go into the horrible time he had with Atos and DWP, or I will rant and rave ! ) and DLA, after being unemployed for most of the last 5 years. He left exactly 75pence in his cash isa for which I have received a cheque from the bank, and I received a death grant of approx £300 from a very small pension he had as a temp when he could work. This death grant and the bereavement payment from the Government is paying for the larg
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