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  1. HI this is suger read what i wrote this norning it might help
  2. Hi this is suger read the page i added this morning it might help:)
  3. Hi for any one who is interested i got my money back from no worry loans to day it was put back on my card minus £5.00 which i can live with,i spoke to no worry laons in april for a loan,then changed my mind i called them and they said not to fill in the forms and send them back with a letter to say i do not want the loan,which i did,i waited no refund so called and was told it takes 30 days so waited,on the 54 day called and was told it's 30 working days,which i no is not true so went on to there T&C site and found the bit about you can have a refund after 30 days i faxed it to them with a letter to say they have broken the law and that i had been in contact with the FOS and a solicitor who will be taking legal action against them,i called on Tuesday and was told the money is going back on my card,yesterday no money,so sent another fax to say that all the calls i have made to them promiseing me my refund i had recorded so now i will forward these to my solicitor and the Fos,as by law they have to do what they promise when it is showing on there T&C site r face a huge fine,well as i said in my first line have got my refund,it's taken 2 months but better than some i have read on here,hope this help loads of you who are all in the same boat
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