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  1. Hi all Just wanted to give you all an update and see if this is normal. Since Monday I have heard nothing at all from the bailiff or from their company. They rung to ask me the reference number for my payment to the council and since then nothing at all. Money is showing as gone out of my account and shows on council website as closed and £0.00 balance. Do I need to do anything else? Thanks
  2. Also have been reading other posts and want to find out if I did the right thing paying it to council, as others have stated that this is not the correct thing to do and it should of gone to the bailiff. I paid the council as I was informed to do so by the National Debt Helpline, as I was disputing the charges by the bailiff but agreed to the amount I owed the council. Hope I did the right thing - I have confirmation that my payment has gone through with a receipt number and its showing as gone on my bank statement online.
  3. Yeah that is what I am concerned about really, as he was saying no its £120.00 for him to visit my house, then it was £24.50 for first letter and £18.00 for next, so I stated to him that by law they are only allowed to charge £24.50 for the first visit to my house and at no time did he come with a removal van and quoted the legal terms that I was informed of by National Debt Line. He stated I needed to call him on Monday to find out how much I owed to him, as he needed to speak to his office. Am wondering if I should call the company he works for directly? I am going to send
  4. Hi, I had a letter through my door on Wednesday stating that a bailiff had been to my door regarding outstanding council tax. I rang said individual to state i wanted to know how much it was for, was told he would have to call me back, stated could I pay in installments told no this was not possible, he was going to take my goods. Said individual rang me the next day and told me how much I owed, again I questioned this to which he was very rude, abbusive and didnt want to listen to a word that I said. When I got home I rang the national debt helpline for some advice, and can
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