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  1. The registrations match on all docs. The time they said I was not on the database is inside of the insurance cover! I can only think that because the Insurance companys computer dropped me from the system that they think I was actually not insured and I should pay the fine.... which leads me to question, what is insurance? If I and the insurance company make an agreement for insurance cover, is that not a contract? just becase an IT glitch at 3am on new years eve kicks me off the system.... Computer says no?
  2. Ok to summarise: Received a DVLA fine for not being Insured, and not on the database. Checked my documents (they had me worried!) I am still insured! Yay. Conacted Insurer who assured me I am insured and they would check db to update it. Sent DVLA my appeal which included photocopy of valid insurance, cover letter and info etc. Received a DVLA Letter saying (this is not verbatim): "We checked with the insurer and there is no evidence of insurance, pay us" With angry haste, contacted my insurance company who said "let me investigate" The
  3. here is the fine. many thanks code 06 not displaying a valid permit
  4. Dear people of the group, many thanks for helping people with your knowledge as I have been reading, I hope that you may help educate me in the same way. I received a fine ticket on my vehicle for not displaying a parking ticket, however the valid ticket was on the floor in the van and must have blown off whilst i was exiting the vehicle. it was in a space outside local shops in marked parking bays. I have attached the images to this post for your viewing. my question is: Are they legally allowed to issue a fine to me when there is absolutely no information stating tha
  5. after basically ignoring everything and telling fredrickson on the phone that bulldog owes me money and that im going through a dispute with them, when i phoned back after the date fred gave me to final pay they said that pipex had taken back the debt and that they were no longer dealing with it and could not get off the phone quick enough, i tried to ask for more information but it seemed like they were just not bothered with me any more. its ok for them to pester me when they want me to pay money but when i want answers the minimum wage school leaver phone operators just want rid
  6. im a bit worried because i have phoned them allready and spoken with them, they could have this recorded or on file etc and i would be lying by saying that i dont know what its about. also the 2 letters they have sent were to the wrong address. for e.g i live at number 10 and the letters are addressed to number 20.... i wonder if that could be significant? sine
  7. hello good people of the forum. I received a letter from my old address saying that FIL has been instructed to collect 149.99 on behalf of pipex limited who were bulldog broadband. This is after 3 years of silence. at the time i was going through a dispute with them where i told them they owed me money because instead of the 22.00 a month i had been paying 35.00, and after numerous phonecalls and promises of credited accounts nothing happened. they said that i had to provide them with a copy of the original contract agreement or something but i dont have that or any documents from back
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