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  1. ok - Please note, should we not hear from you within the following 14 days of this letter, litigation action shall commence.
  2. I used your reply form and sent it to them stating I disputed due to previous incomplete/unenforceable CCA and also asked for Default letter, notice of assignment etc as per advice. I received the Notice of Assignment, account statement and default notice and today received another letter stating pretty much 'we sent you what you asked for but you haven't replied...14 days to respond or litigation action will commence' They seem to have ignored the 'I dispute I owe the amount' part due to lack of CCA? Or do I need to respond now to say I still dispute due to lack of proper enforceable documents (CCA) Thank you
  3. It was signed in July 1995
  4. Thanks - this is what they sent IDEM_CCA_Response.pdf
  5. Thank you Andy, I have read through the thread just a couple of questions. I have already sent a CCA request to the DCA and they provided me with the T&C and application form, is this therefore my 'reason to dispute this debt' ? The thread suggests I return the form to the solicitors that sent me the PAP - the letters are still coming from the DCA - IDEM Servicing. Does this make a difference? Should I just return the form to them? Thanks for your help
  6. Hello again. As you will have seen above, my recent query early this year was in relation to 2 CC debts previously sold off to DCAs and subsequently transferred to another DCA. SInce I sent the CCA requests I received one letter saying they didn't have it and realised this meant they couldn't enforce the debt but would continue to contact me - which they have, asking for income & expenses etc etc which I have ignored. The other they sent me a copy of the application form with terms and conditions which DX advised wasn't a copy of the CCA and I should ignore. Following that I have received several letters firstly saying they would be referring the account the ResolveCall who may visit me at home, to my knowledge they haven't. Further to that I then received a letter stating they were in the process of referring the account to their Litigation Dept. included was a form to complete with tick boxes, I owe the debt, I owe part of the debt, I dispute the debt, I don't know etc which I ignored (I was given 30 days to reply) I have now received a further letter telling me if I don't reply it will be sent to the Litigation Dept. Any idea what happens next ? If they take me to court what is my argument ? I've tried to research on this forum but haven't come across anything that quite covers this type of letter. I expect this is usual procedure but I'm not sure if the intent is to scare me into submission or if they feel they have a serious claim that they can take me to court for.
  7. I haven't lost my home and I am currently managing my income and expenses very well. I have sent SARs and reclaimed fees and PPI which reduced the original debts. Thank you for the advice ScarlettPimpernel that was very helpful.
  8. Thanks I can probably dig that out, I keep almost everything. If I do find it, do I send a copy to the DCA? and if so what do I tell them?
  9. They were still on the file though, as I mentioned in an earlier post the DCA put a new default on 4 years ago when I lowered the payments
  10. We received another letter yesterday, saying we haven't set up a payment agreement and unless we rectify in 7 days they will either send our account to their interal recoveries dept or place it with an external dca for recovery. At the end it states Late payment and arrears will be reported to the credit reference agency and may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. I'm fully aware that our credit rating is rubbish and am not bothered about that, what does concern me is it may well affect my husbands work. He currently has SC clearance but with a review date - we fully disclosed our previous credit problems and detailed our payment plans to resolve them when he applied for clearance. When he gets reviewed and it shows that we have stopped paying some of these off they may withdraw his clearance which will stop him being able to work. I know you won't agree with this at all but I am tempted to offer a Full and Final payment, just to stop this getting worse again (for me personally and my mental health) and it affecting my husbands ability to work. We are just getting on our feet again. Given what I've explained about the SC would you have any additional advice please?
  11. Thank you DX, so do I tell them that or just continue to ignore?
  12. Yesterday I received a letter and a copy of the original credit agreement with MBNA. The letter states 'We have therefore now fully complied with our obligations regarding this matter and the debt once again becomes enforceable' They enclosed our original application and which was filled in by hand by my husband and they also included the attached. Can you please advise. Thank you CoU.pdf
  13. I sent the CCA requests to IDEM and received letters back stating :- Unfortunately we are unable to supply copy of the CA at present and acknowledge that until we do so the agreement cannot be enforced. We have contacted the original lender for a copy and if available it will be sent to you under separate cover in compliance with your request. The balance of the account is still outstanding and we will continue to pursue this debt which will include registering any arrears and defaults with the credit reference agencies. We can confirm the balance on your account of £xx remains due and payable and we will continue to contact you to discuss repayment proposals. In the meantime we attach a statement of account detailing transaction history which will also display any fees and charges (there are no fees or charges) You are free to take whatever action you consider appropriate but we will not be releasing you from any obligation under the agreement. Letter was dated 23rd Jan and to date I have not received a copy of the agreement. Can you please advise next steps.
  14. It was 2011, Lloyds TSB, they put SCM Solicitors onto us. DCA is Moorcroft. I can't remember what we filled in from the court but I can dig it out. We contacted them, they sent us something and they agreed to the same amount we had originally offered as a monthly payment - though now the debt increased because of court costs.
  15. The CC company took us to court because we hadn't paid - we had made an offer which they didn't accept. I was in hospital at the time when it went to court and the court ruled we had to pay it, we wrote to the court and got a reduced payment agreed and have paid that. Last year we got a letter from a DCA saying they now had the debt and we should pay them.
  16. Thanks guys, just as a matter of interest does the same apply to a CCJ for a CC debt that has now been passed onto a DCA?
  17. Thank you I'll do that now, I'll no doubt be back when I get a reply (or not) for next steps. Thanks for your help.
  18. When I sent the CCA & SAR originally I received back copies of the Credit Agreements along with piles of statements and records of transactions/calls etc, which is why I arranged the repayments. I accept you're saying I'm stupid to continue to pay but can you tell me what you would suggest?
  19. Thanks for your reply The debts are all credit card, I sent CCAs and SARs originally, reclaimed PPI where I could and used that to pay off some of our debt. To be honest since I originally set all the repayment plans up most of them have gone to DCA. Are you suggesting that I should send each DCA a CCA now? I have no problem in repaying the debts, I know we borrowed the money (stupidly I accept that) and we have always intended to repay it. It's difficult at times but I suffer with extreme anxiety and depression and being 'in control' of finances is key to keeping me on track. I never accept a phone call from them and only correspond in writing and in honesty it's been very quiet for a long time, I pay, they send me a statement no hassle. It was just when this came up last year that things have started to get a bit hairy again.
  20. Thanks to this forum I sorted out my finances some years ago and arranged regular payments without interest with all of our creditors. I have kept up the payments, however 4 years ago we found ourselves in more financial problems when my husband lost his job. At that point we re-calculated our outgoings and offered lower payments to them all. Seven of the companies accepted this with no problem, one of them where we had 2 accounts argued back and forth, contacting us by phone and asking us for income & expenses which I refused as we had used StepChange to work out an affordable amount and felt it was an intrusion and unecessary. As I said, all of the other creditors accepted and from my records I believed that Moorgate (as it was then) had accepted our new offer on one of the accounts. I pointed this out to them in a further letter and had no response. (though I can't find that letter where they said they accepted it I had referred to it in one of my responses which is why I believe that to be the case) We continued with the lower payments and have never missed one but recently my husband had reason to check his credit account and noticed that both the accounts were showing as defaulted since 2014. The debts have now been moved to another DCA - IDEM Servicing. I have contacted them several times asking for the default to be removed, sent them copies of the letters I had sent originally to Moorgate and today I have received a letter stating the Defaults have been applied correctly and that if we don't provide an Income & Expenditure form (enclosed - no it wasn't) it 'may result in further collections activity' I'd be grateful if someone could help, has anyone been in this position and how did you deal with it? I'm not trying to get a great credit rating again, I know that will never happen and that's fine but actually this could have been the cause of my husband not getting clearance for a job he applied for. I haven't had to send income & expenditure to any of the other DCAs so really don't want to have to do it for this, it's none of their business I'm doing all I can. Thanks in advance.
  21. Done - God bless, without people like Martin I don't know where I would be right now. I'd be grateful if you would not use my real name thank you.
  22. Hi there, hope you are getting this sorted out now, just wanted to ask how you convinced AMEX that they had mis-sold you PPI? I'm having a heck of a time convincing them and their last letter to me states they didn't mis sell so get on my bike... any tips? Their t&c were all included and it does seem that most things are covered, self-employment etc...? Any help would be great thank you
  23. What a brilliant thread! Thanks to this site I've claimed back a lot of mis-sold PPI and charges and am now looking for a way to reduce my debts further by offering F&F with the money I have had refunded. I'm only halfway through reading the thread but felt I had to post to say thank you for the wealth of information here. I'll continue to read now and start my own thread when I have good news. Thanks guys you are all life savers... x
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