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  1. Hiya i'm new to this site hoping you guys can give me some help!

    My boyfriend bought a used car nearly two weeks ago, part-exchanging his old one and on the way home we noticed that the air con didn't work and was chucking out hot air! We rang the guy the next day (Saturday)and he said he would send a cheque for £75 to cover the cost of the repair. My boyfriend then took the car to get the air con fixed and while it was at the garage he was told that the two front tyres were bald on the inside and actually illegal. He rang the seller to check where the money was for the air con and to also tell him about the tyres, the seller then listed loads of things that were apparently wrong with my boyfriends car (that he had part-x). My boyfriend asked if he could send proof of this and then maybe they could negotiate some kind of deal. We got the tyres fixed and rang the seller today to check where the paperwork was and he told us that my boyfriends car had only fetched £400 at auction (he gave us £900 for it part-x) and so he would not be giving us anything towards the cost of the air con or tyres. I know it was silly of us not to check the air con before we bought it but my boyfriend asked about the tyres and was told that they were absolutely fine so where do we stand? Surely what the seller got for our old car is irrelevant or is that not the case?? Sorry to ramble on!! Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks x

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