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  1. Thank you. Yes, it was opened at the age of 17, which was 3 years ago. The account is called 'Barclays Business Essentials'. I have no paperwork, as in a contract or anything, for the account, just the card and chequebooks. I was under the impression that under 18s can't legally enter a binding contract or accumulate debt. However, I'm unsure if the fact I've done nothing about it for the last 2 years will really work in my favour.
  2. Me and a friend opened a business account with Barclays at the age of 17; at the time thinking it would be necessary for our small music promotion company we were running. We used the account for maybe 6 months, then stopped using it and forgot about it. Ever since the account has been charged monthly, to the point where the balance eventually dropped below zero, and further charges were made for the account being overdrawn. The account hasn't been used for about 2 years, and the balance now stands at about -£900. Money which me, or my friend, have no hope of paying. As stated
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