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  1. yes i know that, when we done the hpi check my son who works in a landrover dealership done a experian hpi check, and i done my own on hpicheck.com. both still investigating lol
  2. We have now received letters back from the solicitors pursuing the debt and the finance company , saying we are innocent buyers and will pursue the people who owe the hp in a differant way. But still no replies from the hpi companies who are apparently investigating the reason why the hpi did not show. Still not very encouraging for people buying used cars privately is it. thanks for all your input.
  3. I feel for him mate i really, do, i posted a similare story few weeks ago, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/vehicle-repossessions/263977-hpi-checks-dont-always.html#post3013162 i had done 2 hpi checks, the person whom originally took out the hp on the car had gone to live in spain, so no chance of sueing them, but after supplying the receipt from the seller and faxing them the hpi checks i had done, to the solicitors pursuing the debt, we now have received letters from the stating we are now the legal owners of the car and hsbc are pursuing them in a differant way. if he can prove it
  4. Well as the lender was HSBC you would automatically think that they would put them on the hpi register, and judging by the stories ive read on the forums this last week, they normally do. But if thats the case and they hadnt registered her debt on the hpi register at the time of purchase, they are the ones who are losing out in this case, as they are out of pocket by 6k now, If it had been on the register in the 1st place she wouldnt have been able to sell the car and then they could have repossesed off her. It should be made law that all lenders should register the debt. Otherwise this makes
  5. I bought a car privately a couple of months ago. Was originally listed on ebay. But we went to view the car and decided to buy. He took it off ebay so no1 could buy in the meantime, we left a small deposit, he said he had got the car from a lady who had bought his car off him and he had taken money and the car off her in part ex. But didnt really need the car so decided to sell, he had the hpi check from hpicheck.com which said the car was ok on all counts. But i had my own done from experian, which was all ok again. the biggest in the country may i add. We Handed over cash a few days later a
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