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  1. I also managed to set up a plan with cfo - £50 for 6 months. I literally sent them an e-mail every single day with the same content with the number in the header, 1st e-mail, 10th e-mail etc etc They finally got fed up and sent me an e-mail back agreeing to the plan and gave me their bank details. Stay strong!
  2. Hi Crazycatlady I was able to pay Cash Genie back over 3 months (they were one of my smaller loans) and if I'm honest they were ok to deal with and set the plan up quickly via e-mail and the calls/letters and interest stopped immediately. I was really worried about dealing with them but they weren't as bad as I thought. I spoke to Darryl Arbon - D.Arbon@cashgenie.co.uk. I guess they are more difficult if you have to spread the repayment plan over more than 3 months Good luck
  3. Has anyone had any luck with Lending Stream recently? Do they pass to a DCA? I defaulted 2 months ago and have tried to set up a payment plan but keep getting e-mails stating 'as you have not made a repayments to lending strea,. we aren't able to set up a plan?? Any ideas? All has gone very quiet from them?!! Thanks
  4. I set up a repayment plan with these guys but over a 3 month period (this was one of my smaller loans) to get them off my back. This was the loan plus one months interest
  5. Regarding 247, I have just set up a weekly plan with them paying £15 per week which they seem happy with and has kept them quiet for the last few weeks! As everyone else says, stay strong and firm and just offer a reasonable amount that you can comfortably afford. Good luck, keep us posted. Similar to cornetgirl, I'm still playing e-mail ping pong with QQ...
  6. They did the same to me as well. I bank with Natwest and as long as I phone them before 3pm, they can reverse the transaction at no cost.
  7. I have a payday loan with Early Payday Loan that I am trying to sort out a repayment plan for (they have been very unhelpful) I moved house a few months ago and informed them of the cjange of address. I have today been informed by the occupants of my old house that EPDL have sent a letter to ‘The occupier’ advising of my debt and legal action pending....!!! Are they allowed to do this? Surely it’s a breach of the data protection act???? Any help would be greatly appreciated Emma
  8. I agree with Jamie. Report your cards as lost immediately or (despite what they tell you over the phone!) they will take the full amount or whatever they can from your account. Try to set up a new bank account to be extra careful. Even with a poor credit history I managed to get a 'cash card' account offered by Natwest and Barclays so I changed my wages into that account and then pay all the creditors out of my old account (I transfer just enough money to cover the payments) so there is no way they can get hold of my account details.
  9. Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to this site for all the great advice and support that it’s provided. I would never have had the courage to get off the re-loan roundabout without it. I let myself get completely out of control with payday loans (never again!!) so wanted to give you an update on my experience with sorting out PP’s with the the lenders: I have set up payment plans with Payday UK, Wage Day Advance, Debit Card Loans, Wages Today, Uncle Buck and Microlend all relatively easily. All of these companies were very pleasant to deal with and were happy to take
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