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  1. I have got info from the previous owner on paper now and I have also contacted the dealer that they had sold it to. His words were that it was not a nice car and they would not have even contemplated selling it so put it into auction. He also has confirmed that the airbag was missing despite my dealer claiming its there. I have now contacted the auction so watch this space. The case has also been taken on by Trading Standards completely now as the dealer is choosing to ignore me.
  2. If I add the car to costs its about £3295 and thats not including days off work, insuring and taxing another car,etc but Im still happy to settle for a refund of the car. He isnt budging though so need something very good to get him with
  3. There was no paperwork for the money given for the repairs. Just a cheque. He admitted today that he made a mistake in doing this. I know he has taken away my rights but trying to push further is proving impossible. I have got as far as consumer direct and they are now telling me for him to give me a formal letter explaining the results of the inspection and his verdict. They will not do anything else, even answer about evidence until then. They may then consider trading standards.
  4. Dealer told me that trading standards had told him that anything from a previous owner would be hearsay and thrown out in court. The inspection was done by the garage that the dealer uses for repairs. He wont let anything go when I asked and I had also questioned whether he could do that as it may have been biased but consumer direct said he could.
  5. Hi all again!! Went to see the dealer today and hoped to get the report. He says its not ready and if I want it I would have to sign a document saying I wont pursue things further. I have refused. He said no faults were found - the oil isnt leaking or burning (even though I know how much I have had to put in), the wings and bumper are all original but have been filled, he has admitted that the air con is missing a pipe but says anything else brought up is minor. I have spoken to Consumer Direct this afternoon and they have just told me that if there was air conditioning in the
  6. I need to get this whole case clear in my head so that I can get it to court asap if the inspection doesnt bring results So, in short, I got a car on 27/01/10, had non stop issues with it including head gasket blown, tensioners, leaking oil, revs too high. I contacted the dealer 2/3 days after the issue to say that it was not working and he suggested I go to his mechanic. I did this twice and he turned off the EMC then changed spark plugs. After a month of issues, I got the head gasket diagnosed and fixed at my own garage then only after threatening legal action, the dealer gave me the mone
  7. I made it very clear and he even replied saying that if that was the route I wished to go then he cannot stop me. He completely seems to have gone back on this now. Didnt know that about the V5. Thank you. He still has until Friday before I take any action.
  8. ok, so contacted the dealer to say that I am rejecting the car tomorrow and wanted to check that he would be there when I handed over the keys. He says he wont be there so to just leave the car at the garage to be inspected. Turns out this is the same garage that he uses all the time and I took it to twice when I first had head gasket problems which he failed to diagnose and simply sent me away with an EMC light still on! HE also was the garage that when I had asked for it to be looked over (when fixing the coil spring), had said the car was fine. Whats my standing on letting a garage
  9. Ok cheers for that. I am leaving the car with him on the way back from work tomorrow or tues. I will then get a lift home then switch the insurance so the car will be insured until it leaves my hands. Lets hope things go well now!!
  10. Update - again. Sent the dealer a letter stating that I am rejecting the car and to arrange a day to leave it off. At first he said it wasnt an option but now he has given me dates but says that I have chosen to ignore his help to get the car looked at. I am concerned that this will go against me if having to go to court as he sees this as him trying to solve the issues but he has not agreed to help yet and simply wants an inspection. I followed Trading standards advice and I am rejecting the car to seek a refund. The other reason I have taken this more severe step is that even though
  11. Ok I am now looking at finally rejecting the car. However, in order to do so, I am going to have to re tax and change insurance onto my partners BMW. This means a price increase in insurance of £130 and tax of £112. I also have a full tank of full in the Ibiza. Can I claim these expenses? I am currently drawing up a letter to give 7 days notice to get the car inspected and a deal done. I intend to reject the car in the next couple of days as long as I know I am not going to be out even more out of pocket. Consumer direct have now passed the case to trading standards so I gett
  12. I have everything in writing. Trading standards have said that there isnt much point in getting the car checked esp when the dealer is going on about condition and age when I have proof from the previous owner that its been in an accident meaning it will be not in the correct condition for its age. Im still willing to go ahead with his check but he is insisting that I get it to the garage he chooses despite me saying that I need the car to get to work and cant get there without it. I also cannot take any more time off - Im a teacher and ive already lost 4 days with my car.
  13. Dealer has just contacted me to say that he wants to get the car checked by an independent garage of his choice. Im not sure about this - is he allowed to do that? I may suggest the AA or RAC to check it so that he doesnt know the garage checking it. An issue with this also is that once again the car is going to be out of my hands leaving me with no transport and that it sees to be wasting yet more time. I think in terms of a depreciation deal he means he will take away the value. Im happy for £100 or so to be taken off for mileage and not to add on my costs but if things get messy
  14. Well that is the intention and i have cleared this with trading standards aa being allowed. Had to take it to the garage yesterday as its now drinking about 5 litres of oil a month!! Also, i contacted the previous owner and she has confirmed that the car had a considerable smash but was uncategorised. Both airbags went off, seat belts needed replacing, bumper and wings damaged. She tried to fix it but had constant problems inc engine trouble and clutch going so sold it on to a company. The dealer says im trying to shaft him now and thinks he can buy the car back at current market value
  15. He hasnt repaired the faults yet as it was only last week that we sorted a deal. The faults came to light when I was gettint it valued for sale. I got quoted 3/4 ridiculous prices of £1200 then £1300 and thought I was being done over so took it to 2 dealers I know and they quoted £1400. Its now getting checked by my neighbour who is a body work expert to get a valuation but its looking like 50% of the car has been damaged.
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