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  1. Worked it out using the spreadsheet thing on CAG and had a friend check my calculations (I'm not great with figures). If they offer anything less than I've calculated, I'll contest it. If they offer more, then I'll accept. Again, many thanks for your help H. x
  2. Already had an admission from them that PPI was charged to the loan. That was through a speculative thing through "The Claims Guys." Thought I'd get someone else to do the footwork before claiming in person - no point in giving them 36% of any claim. I'll be using the letter that I put together using CAG advice which got me a refund of £4,700 from RBS a couple of years ago... Thanks again. H. x
  3. Thanks for your usual succinct reponse DX. Much appreciated. In that case, nothing to lose with a PPI claim, so off to the post office with a letter this afternoon! You're a great help as always. Thanks
  4. Hi, just a quickie... Is a PPI claim construed as an admission of liability on an account? Less than the 6 years for Statute Barred, so would that set a company back chasing? They don't have the original "wet" agreement and so can't (at the moment) take this to court as it was before April 2007. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks H. x
  5. Many thanks DX. I suspected that may be the case. I'll have to check with her to see if it was sold on, though I doubt it. We'll see. I'll report back!
  6. Hi All, Hope you're well and a very Happy New Year! A while ago, I helped a friend with her Santander (old Alliance & Leicester) loan from 1999. She was (and still is) unable to work, through illness. We sent a SAR to Santander, who admitted in writing that they don't have the original loan agreement - as it was before April 2007, then they need it for recovery/court action. The only correspondence from Santander since then has been a yearly statement of account. That was three years ago. She could really do with some funds at the moment to help wit
  7. Thanks Dx. In that case, SAR to see all the info they already have (however, they're obliged to state if they hold original signed agreement) and when we've had a good look, then a CCA. Many thanks for your continued help. H. x
  8. Thanks guys. SAR already sent and she received an acknowledgement. My thought was that we should wait and see what comes back on the SAR - if they can't or won't confirm that they hold the original (not a copy or reconstruction) of the agreement, then that's it, Idem can do one. However, so that my friend can rest easier, I'm looking at offering maybe 5% of the whole debt as F&F with a guarantee that there will be no onward sale to any other company. We'll see. Your thoughts so far are very much appreciated. Thanks. H. x
  9. Hello all, hope everyone is well! I've been helping a friend with her concerns over an unsecured Lombard Direct loan taken out well before April 2007. She thinks it was 1999. She's been paying token amounts for quite a while now after the debt was passed on to Arden Credit Management - she's the sort that would like to pay but can't (pride, honesty, etc). Arden offered her a settlement (F&F) for exactly 10% of the amount owing, which, being unemployed, she still couldn't afford. The debt has now been returned to Idem who have instructed "Fidelite" to act on th
  10. Have Lowell bought the account from Cooperative? They have been offloading quite a few lemons onto the more, shall we say, "gullible" DCAs recently due to the bank's own troubles. If your main concern is inability to pay due to hardship, chances are you've probably already paid back more than the amount Lowell bought the debt for. You say this will become statute barred in 30 days. Are you sure about this? No payments or written acknowledgement of the alleged debt in the last 6 years (5 in Scotland)? If so, you could either ignore them for a month or send them a SAR (which doesn't
  11. This is the letter I send for people if they're on benefits. If you think it's relevant to your case, just adjust the text accordingly. You can leave out the I&E paragraph if you wish, though only a judge can order that one is filled in. By Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Dear Sir/Madam, Account Ref: 1234567890 With regards to my current “repayment agreement” with you, I am in a position to be able to offer you no more than £1 per calendar month. I own no property, have no savings or appreciable assets and rely on [Job Seekers’ Allowance] as my sole so
  12. That's fair enough Davyly. I would say that regarding the original query, the OP is quite ok to write (not phone) the OC and make it very plain what he feels the siatuation is. There's no harm in being firm, and certainly no harm in making a threat of small claims action - especially as this is a case of mistaken identity and as a result, harassment and trashing of what (it would seem) had been a perfectly good credit reference file. Just need to stick to facts and be prepared to follow through with any 'threats' made. If done correctly, the DCAs (in my experience) really do back down.
  13. Guys, Brigadier has been immensely helpful to many people on here, me included. It's thanks to his (and others) advice that I've won quite a few cases, had claims dropped and compensation payments made. It's hot, Brig (and I) are getting on a bit, cut us some slack, eh lads?
  14. Can't remember where I found the figure, but it was a CAG link to the judgement in full and an article in one of the industry online magazines. It worked, anyway, but yes, I take your point about being solid on the facts...
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