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  1. Thanks BD! I'll get that letter sent off tomorrow, along with the other letters and cheques and see what comes back. BTW, Santander Credit cards have written to say they will freeze interest and charges for 3 months and accept our offered lower payment, then reassess after 3 months with a view to increasing the payment.
  2. Hi all, As mentioned in previous post, here is a draft of my letter to Sainsos Bank, could you just let me know if it is ok? it is more or less exactly what BD put above. Thanks. "Dear Sir/Madam, Re.: Agreement number xxx I am bemused by your assertion in your letter of xxx that I have ignored your attempts to contact you. I would refer you to the x letters dated xx, xx, etc, in which I have contacted you and made proposals which you seemed to accept by banking the cheque numbers xxx, xxx and xxx enclosed with these letters and which were only to be banked if you acce
  3. Thanks BD and Rhia. I'll post a draft of the letter here before sending. I find it incredibly frustrating that they don't seem to read our letters but I guess it's because everything is computer generated. At least we've had a couple now that seem to actually have been written by humans!
  4. Sorry, BD, I know it's confusing. It was Santan-bloomin'-der that offered 3 months grace a couple of days ago. This is Sainsburys - no such offers from them, they want to discuss it with us! Shall I send letter more or less as above anyway? Thanks very much. I'm filing all letters with the envelopes, marked with the date we received them too. I'll post up a draft for final checking before sending.
  5. Hi all, We've received a letter from Sainsbury's Bank today - they've been trying to contact us by phone for over a week now, but unfortunately we haven't been able to take their calls To summarise so far, we offered them a lower payment, which was only twenty odd quid below the actual monthly amount, but then lowered that to forty quid after 2 payments. They've sent a letter saying payments are overdue and they have charged admin charge of 25quid. I replied with a letter (as suggested above), saying they cashed our cheques, now imposed unfair charge of 25quid which is in conflict
  6. Hi, We've received some more letters over the weekend. First of all, the HFC Bank have written - copy attached - the usual, i.e. thanks for your letter, we need proof of income etc. Will it help matters if I supply the info they want? Everything I've read on here and elsewhere seems to suggest not! Secondly, we have a letter from Santander Cards - copy attached, there are 2 pages to the letter, scanned as 2 separate PDF files. As an reminder, these are the guys who sent a DN - not sure how we stand now re the DN? Thirdly, we have another letter from Santander. I have ju
  7. Thanks Elsa. An update re. MBNA: Today there was just a (computer generated) letter from MBNA saying they still haven't received the payment shown in recent statement, account is in arrears, if we are unable to pay we should call on freephone xxxx. These are the guys who wrote to tell me they couldn't accept lower payments and freeze interest/charges because we had never made full minimal payment, so I wrote back (on 10th) to say please explain your logic! Letters have obviously crossed in the post, plus this is computer generated, so will wait for their reply, unless anyone thinks othe
  8. Yes, last statement was dated 16th Aug and they had applied a default charge of £12. They are not applying interest yet. (Think it is a 0% interest on balance transfer for 12 months or something, but thought tbh that would no longer apply if in arrears.) Btw CEO of Sainsos is JustinKing.
  9. Thanks, will do. Forgot to update re. cheque for Santander cards - they had banked it so I was unable to cancel it.
  10. I'm struggling with up to date info here - does anyone know the chairman of sainsbury - some sites say David Tyler, some say Roger Matthews? Has anyone dealt with them and know for definite? Thanks.
  11. Another letter received today, this time from Sainsburys Bank. It was sent to both of us, identical letters. I've attached it as pdf. The charge was 25 pounds, btw. These are the guys where the monthly payments was just over 160 quid and I was sending them 140 odd quid and they weren't happy. They said they'd review it but only with a financial statement. I then sent a letter saying sorry the payment was too high, had to recalculate owing to unexpected costs and can now only afford 40 quid (see advice above). That was sent 31 aug and banked, as were the other cheques. What do
  12. Thanks BD. The account is in one name only, so that is a possibility, thanks for that. Does this draft letter sound ok? "Dear Sir or Madam, Re.: Account Number xxxx Further to your letter dated xxxxxx, requesting that I complete an up to date breakdown of my income and expenditure details, as well as a breakdown of each of my other creditors, balances outstanding and offer of payment made to them, I am not obliged to give you the information you are asking for. Other creditors have accepted my proposals, which were put together with help from CCCS, as I am a CCCS debt
  13. There is no one we can ask to write a cheque for us so it will have to be from us unfortunately. I will write to M&S first and copy to Mr Rose CEO. Thanks.
  14. They are asking me to pay the reduced payment in the meantime. Sounds good, will do. Yes I owe them approx. £460. OK, I'd be ok with that. Can I just search for F&F on the forum here or is there anything in particular I need to bear in mind? Thanks.
  15. Another 2 letters in the post today: One was from Santander Cards, but had obviously crossed in the post with my letter and just said to ring them, so I'm ignoring that as I wrote to them on Friday saying I won't ring them! The other letter is attached. It's from M&S. This is the company I considered offering F&F but haven't done so yet. I was advised by you guys to complain first re. not following OFT guidelines etc. but I'm afraid I haven't done that either yet! The last correspondence with M&S was me sending cheque for September payment. Shall I just write
  16. Just to clarify: I sent the co. with the DN a letter saying I deem them to accept my proposals as they've banked cheques etc. I have not replied to the DN in any way - should I be writing to say I can't pay the arrears? They have had a cheque from me for the lower payment but haven't cashed it.
  17. I'm starting to lose the plot and lose track of which company we are talking about! Had to read through all the previous messages. Santander cards, who sent the DN, have not banked the cheque yet. I will try to cancel it. I have replied to their letters, as above, saying basically I deem them to have accepted my proposals as they've banked our cheques, could they confirm, and that I wish to correspond in writing, not by phone. Wouldn't it be a bit risky to not send any payments to them from now on? I thought I was to continue with lower payments so the court can see I am willi
  18. Thanks guys. BD, I'll check whether they've banked the cheque tomorrow morning and get back to you then. Thanks.
  19. How does this sound as a reply to HFC? " Dear Sir/Madam, Re.: Account No. xxx Further to your letter dated xxxxxx and to my previous letters, I am happy to discuss this matter in writing, either by letter or e-mail - but NOT by phone -, and I do not understand why you insist on me phoning, as anything agreed by phone would need to be subsequently agreed in writing in any case, and, given the urgency that I assume you also apply to my situation, I wish to avoid this further delay and go straight to a written agreement, which I thought I had already as you had banked my che
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