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  1. Thanks BD. I copied and pasted the main bits about not talking on the phone, deem them to have accepted proposals by cashing cheques etc. I've now set up a more or less standard letter with the important bits in it so I can delete the bits not needed and reply to their letters with the minimum fuss.
  2. I have a quick question: What is the difference between a Default Notice and a "Notice of default sum"? I take the latter to mean they are just informing us that we didn't make the minimum payment last month, is that correct In that case, I can just ignore them, can't I? I will of course still send the lower pro rate payments each month. We've just replied to a couple of letters from creditors, pointing out that we don't want to call them as we need any agreements in writing. Nothing exciting apart from a Notice of default sum from Sainsos. Thanks for your help. H
  3. Thanks Heckmondwike. We'll keep fighting. Got a load of letters to plough through tonight from this week, started with a letter to M&S last night, more tonight! What a way to spend a weekend!
  4. I too am fairly new to this forum but just wanted to say that I too have lots of debt (approx. £30K) on ccs and loans, I found this forum in June and am in the process of writing to my creditors offering lower payments. 2 have accepted so far but I will persevere with the others. I hope someone with more knowledge will post some advice here but in the meantime maybe you could read through the advice people have given me in my thread, it might help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?263744 Good luck.
  5. Hi Chloe, Just wanted to let you know we're in a similar situation. We have approx. £30K debt with 7 companies (3 loan, 3 cc and 1 storecard), run up mainly due to times when my husband was made redundant (3 times!) and we lived off the credit card for food and to pay the bills. We now can't meet the minimum payments, I filled in a budget form with CCCS and then found this forum. We've written to our creditors offering lower payments, only 2 have accepted so far, but hopefully we'll get somewhere with the others soon. Everyone here has been very helpful, I don't know what I would have done
  6. Hi blindside, I found the CAG forum in June and have had some great advice regarding writing to creditors. I filled in a CCCS budget form online but I'm not using their dmp although have considered it as I thought it would be less stressful. My thread is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?263744, hope the advice in the thread helps. wilchil64
  7. I hope the info in my thread helps, the peeps have been great with their advice and help.
  8. Thanks BD. I did keep up payments on the card until June this year so wouldn't apply to us anyway.
  9. Thanks BD. I wrote to Sainsos on Tues so waiting to see if they turn up today anyway!
  10. Sorry, I wasn't very clear, was I? I did contact CCCS in June and completed a budget sheet online with them to work out how much to pay each creditor. What I meant above was is it likely that my creditors will accept a DMP coming directly from CCCS, rather than from me? i.e. if I let CCCS handle it and just pay a monthly sum to CCCS so that they send the payments and letters to the creditors? I'll get the doorstep visit template sent off to them. Thanks again.
  11. Another quick question: If a credit card was taken out 6 years ago but you keep using it, is the debt 6 years old or only if you haven't used it for 6 years? Thanks.
  12. Another question: Are we more likely to get somewhere with lower payments if we go through CCCS or national Debtline etc. I feel we're not getting anywhere with offering lower payments as only 2 have accepted and am struggling with the stress of all the letters, arriving almost daily - I should be concentrating on my family but spend most of my time writing to these stupid companies. I can't keep writing to them daily, getting nowhere - and I'm not convinced they'll ever accept F&Fs either, as they are generally not being helpful at all, don't seem to read our letters or respond to them,
  13. Thanks. I'm not going to "be in" if they call at the house anyway. The actual wording is "Our representative will be calling your home on: 7th October 2010". I didn't even consider it might mean a phone call ... I'll look for the letter in the templates now but am worried it won't reach the correct department in time. My husband is set to call them today to tell them we will only correspond in writing, just wanted to check here that we don't say the wrong thing! --- I've searched for the template but can't find it. Any suggestions what to include in a letter to them?
  14. Would be grateful for some further advice. We had a letter on Saturday from Sainsburys Bank, saying one of their reps. will be calling at our home on 7th October, please telephone if not convenient. What do you suggest? If we write, it may not be read by the right people in time to stop them coming. Are they allowed to come to our house? Would it make sense to ring and say it's not convenient and then follow up with a letter, pointing out rules and guidelines etc.? Thanks.
  15. Thanks (you know it's all copied from your previous masterpieces, right? )
  16. Thanks. I am keeping all envelopes, filed away with all the relevant letters with the date received written on them. Does this sound ok or have I put in too much? " Re.: Account No. xxx Further to your letters dated xx and xx , you have accepted payments of £x.xx per month which were made by me on the strict understanding that you accepted the accompanying proposals in the letters of xx and xx. I am sorry to note you now appear to be ignoring the conditions which accompanied these payments. I enclose a further cheque no. xxx for £x.xx as a sign of my continued good f
  17. OK, thanks. So just a letter referring to their letter dated xxx, saying sorry we can only afford £xx as stated previously and enclosing our cheque for this month?
  18. I'm never going to borrow money again so don't care about the credit rating in that respect but I guess I may want a low rate fixed mortgage at some point as have variable rate right now and who knows what will happen to interest rates in the future. So I don't care about getting DNs, our main worry is whether we'll have to go to court and the costs (and stress) involved in that, as we will not have enough money to pay for advice, court costs etc. What would happen if a OC demanded full repayment of a debt and we couldn't pay it? Would he then take us to court?
  19. Just one more question: After receiving a letter from M&S saying they have passed our letter to their customer relations office (see above), is it ok to just write, saying here's the next payment cheque. and add in the bit above about no DN as you advised, BD?
  20. The payment I have proposed is £7.59 short of 50% of the monthly payment originally agreed in the contract. Shall I raise the payment to them to the 50% they want? - I am able to do so without a problem.
  21. Thanks BD and others for your help and comments. We received another letter from M&S today, as it is dated one day after the letter stating they have passed our complaint to the customer relations team I'm presuming it's computer generated but have attached it here for you to look at. Thanks. M&S rcvd 300910.PDF
  22. Received the attached letter from HF C 4 days ago. I am about to send out a letter to them as below (replying to a previous letter from them) with a cheque. Anything I should add in to the letter in reply to this one from them? To recap the situation with them, they had asked for proof of income and a list of all creditors before they can consider lower payments. At the beginning of the month they send a "default sums notice" and charged us £5. We've sent them a letter to head of customer services, saying we'll correspond in writing but won't ring. Is it time to copy the correspondence to t
  23. I have received a letter from M&S saying they have received our complaint and are looking into it and will get back to us. Is it ok to send the below letter to them with a cheque whilst awaiting further comms. from them? We are in the same situation more or less with MBNA in that we have had a letter saying they are looking into it and will get back to us within 28 days. Shall we do the same letter for them with a cheque? Thanks. "Re.: Card number xxxx I refer to your letter dated xxx. Whilst I await further communication from you, as a demonstration of good fa
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