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  1. Thanks Elsa. We have our phone on silent all the time with the answerphone on and just don't pick up these days. I just want rid of this one as they are charging us so much in interest and charges and are constantly writing to us refusing our offer and asking for more details - are they entitled to these, really? Would a court turn round and say we weren't helpful because we wouldn't provide them, if it went to court? We don't know when the card was taken out, because at some point, when debt didn't seem that huge a problem, I shredded loads of documents that were over so and so
  2. Yes, I know what you mean. None of them seem to care about it being fair for the others,i.e. demanding higher payment even though we have pointed out we can't, but I bet they would kick up a fuss if they thought it wasn't fair to them.
  3. Hi again, We are fed up of M&S and their constant phone calls and the amount of charges they are applying to our account for the sake of under £500! They want a monthly payment of £12 or thereabouts and get £8 and kick up such a fuss! Therefore we want to get rid of this particularly stressful creditor by making a F&F offer. As the card is in my husband's name, will it be ok for me to send a letter as follows: Dear Sir/Madam Without Prejudice Account No: xxxx We write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. We can confirm
  4. Thanks BD. So I should just write to Albion and tell them that we have already instituted a monthly payment of £x with Sainsburies which is the maximum we can afford after consultation with CCCS, and that we presume we should now continue paying this via Albion, stressing that we understand from previous correspondence with Sainsburies that interest would now be stopped?
  5. Thanks Elsa, I was hoping they would stop interest now. We'll see what happens. I think someone on here tried to send me a PM but my inbox was full. Very sorry, I've emptied it now and hopefully any messages will get through to me.
  6. Hi, Could someone just give me some tips on dealing with this one - quoted my own message below (I posted above, post no. 369, but think it got overlooked). I've attached the letter again. Thanks. sains-albion rcvd 111110.PDF
  7. Good luck Minmoo. The guys and gals here have been very helpful, I feel we are actually getting somewhere. We've set aside an evening to take care of the correspondence as it was taking over my life, I seemed to write and receive letters every day. Now we sit down together one evening a week and file everthing away that arrived during the week and reply to them, the amount of letters we get has reduced drastically! We had at least one letter but more often 4 or 5 letters a day (from a total of 7 creditors) to now having about 4 a week! Much easier to deal with. I'd prefer fish an
  8. Thanks BD, I haven't written to them yet (Friday night is letter night!) so will get a letter along those lines sent off tomorrow and see what happens next. I'm sure I'll have something else upstairs that arrived this week to scan in tomorrow and post here for advice. Also was delighted to receive a letter from Santander loans, on yellow paper (imagine!) just saying to ring them urgently on an 0845 number. They are joking? Tbh, yellow paper doesn't intimidate me that much these days
  9. Hi again, Re.: MBNA Latest letters received are attached. To recap: We sent abbreviated I&Es about a month ago in a hope they would accept lower payment. No acknowledgement of receiving them at all. They still referring to a letter of ours a month before! And are still asking for I&Es. Should we presume they haven't got round to reading that letter and replying to it yet? Or shall we presume they want more details? Am happy to wait for them to reply to the letter we sent including abbreviated I&Es (which was just total in, total out, total debt, how much rem
  10. Hi all, Re. Sainsburys: We have received this week a letter from Albion Collections Ltd. about the Sainsburys loan, scanned copy attached. As mentioned above, last correspondence )written by humans) from Sainsburys said they would accept lower paymetn if we sent I&E's then we would be issued with an Notice of Default and they would pass to their solicitors Blair Oliver & Scott. We sent abbreviated I&Es, then we received a DN from them. We sent another monthly lower payment cheque. Then they wrote to say they are looking into the issues we have raised! Now we have
  11. I've been keeping an eye on your thread as well as posting myself in my own thread. It's great to hear you are getting somewhere. I agree, the folk on here are great, I don't know what we would have done without them. We have two lower payments accepted, five to go! How did you put the 3 accounts into dispute? Does that mean you don't need to make payments to those accounts? Did you complain to them about telephone harrassment etc.? I've sent off two telephone harrassment letters to creditors recently. Haven't taken it any further though. After one day last week when we had 12 (!) d
  12. We have received a DN from Sainsburys which I've attached. I got abit carried away, blacking out dates etc, but the date they have given us to pay total arrears by is 13 Nov. In their previous letter earlier this week they said they are prepared to accept our formal offer of lower payment if we provide I&E but would first issue a DN with a 14 day expiry date, and after expiry they would send confirmation of agreed arrangement and would pass the matter to their solicitors Blair Oliver and Scott. We have sent abbreviated I&E to them and am thinking now we will just continue t
  13. Thanks BD. I think I've lost the plot now - not sure what I'll gain from either of those things. If they don't return the cheques, how will that help me? And where would I go from there? My understanding so far was that if I'm seen to be making a regular payment -even though it's a lower payment, it is all I can afford - this will be seen as a positive thing by the court if I should be taken to court. So if I stop making payments, won't that look bad in front of a court or in any case? Or am I hoping that they will be pushed into issuing a dn that doesn't stand up to scrutiny at som
  14. Thanks for that BD. I'm happy to keep sending cheques to Santander but they did return October's cheque with their letter (think I forgot to mention that above, sorry), so guess they will return this one too, so it seems a waste of time to send another? M&S repeatedly state in their letters that all cheques are banked before the letters are passed to the relevant department, which I know is ridiculous but it seems a waste of time to keep telling them they are accepting my payments when they just reply explaining as above.
  15. I've found the telephone harrassment letter so will send that off to MBNA. Not sure what to do about Santander as they say they will only accept lower payment through CCCS. Can they do that or may they accept lower payment if we provide I&E details so they can see they are getting pro rata payment? Surely the bit about not being able to accept lower offer as it will result in increased arrears is rubbish - as that would be the same if through CCCS?? Grateful for any advice.
  16. Hi everyone, We received the attached letter from Santander loans. Seems they're not prepared to accept a lower payment from us. Background: used to be a Cahoot loan taken out April 2007 for 84 months. We've told them in the past that we have contacted CCCS and filled in a budget form with CCCS online and worked out pro rata payments with CCCS. Is there any chance of them accepting a lower payment in future, or should we now give up and go through CCCS for all lower payments on a DMP? Up to now, 2 out of 7 creditors have accepted lower payments (altho one has accept
  17. Here's a draft letter to JS: "Thank you for your letter dated xxx, the contents of which have been noted. Further to your request that I contact your office by telephone to discuss the matter, I have consistently informed you that I do not wish to discuss this matter by telephone. My various letters illustrate that I am prepared, indeed anxious, to discuss the matter in writing and would counter it is Sainsburys who is refusing to have meaningful contact on this matter by insisting on telephone contact against my stated wishes. Furthermore, I do not understand why you
  18. Thanks BD. My worry in this respect is that we cut the original payment to them by £100 to find that extra money for car repairs, tyres etc., as discussed above (months ago!), so they are no longer getting the pro rata amount. I could recalculate the whole lot and change the payments to the others, but they would all get less, obviously - how would that affect the two creditors who have agreed to lower payments? Arggghhh! Too complicated ..... No, they didn't turn up for the doorstep visit, although I think they tried to ring, but I don't pick up anymore, and tbh we aren't getting many
  19. I've got a pile of letters from this week to wade through tomorrow evening but this one arived today and I thought I'd better scan it in to see how you advise replying to it. This is from Sainsos "the grocer". To recap, we have been offering a payment of approx. a quarter of the original contractual payment since July, they have been cashing cheques and not accepting our proposals, and they are the ones who said they would call our home, which we took to mean a doorstep visit (they didn't come). Our last letter to them, which they are replying to here, said - we'll only commu
  20. I'll still come back and ask when we get DNs etc tho if that's ok so we don't miss anything important.
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