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  1. Sorry, will scan again and see what went wrong. DH has been using scanner and scanned this doc, has obviously changed a setting, not sure what. Will scan when I finish work or tomorrow.. Basically they are offering us £250 compensation because they haven't dealt with our matter correctly, it seems!!!
  2. Can you advise me what to do about the attached letter please? They sent a DN months ago, have passed it on to Albion (DCA??), both are now writing to us, Albion just always ring us, and we always say no. Stalemate. They have had I&Es from us now and banked all our cheques since July 2010. They said they would accept our lower payments and freeze interest and charges after sending us a DN and receiving our I&Es, what a surprise that they haven't done yet! Thanks.
  3. Hi again, Quick update. It's been very quiet for the last week, maybe they are actually reading our letters. However, interesting letter from S antander cards today, saying they have considered our offer of payment but can't accept it because their assessment shows we are able to meet the minimum monthly payment!!! As in our I&Es we listed our income as £440 job seeker's allowance and our outgoings as approx. £2000, not sure how they calculated that!!! Suspect this is just another computer generated letter, not based on any figures at all, just sent to everyone, because why shoul
  4. We called out British Gas on 6th December using our service agreement for a fault with our hot water. We have called them out three years running for the same fault, it turns out they have been replacing a valve and charging us a call out of £50 each year when all they needed to do was change the setting for frost proofing on the boiler (this overrides the valve so that it doesn't switch the heating off to avoid freezing of the pipes). We received an invoice but emailed them, saying we're not prepared to pay as they should have sorted this three years ago when we first called them out, i
  5. We went down to the O2 shop locally and they were able to change the number without a new contract, no credit check and with immediate effect! We were impressed.
  6. Yes have just shopped around for motor insurance and home insurance, both came cheaper from other companies, much cheaper! And present insurers weren't prepared to drop price to the same. Only insurance I've cancelled so far is pet insurance. Will take a look for cheaper critical illness cover for hubbie. Hubbie will get tea if he behaves! He'll be working 12 hour day/night by the look of it, so not home for dinner time anyway Anyone know if O2 run a credit check if we go for a new Simplicity sim, as we are going to change Hubbie's mobile no. to get rid of all the nuisance ca
  7. Thanks Elsa. Happy new year. We sent a token payment of £1 to all creditors today with a letter to those who have written,saying they appear to have misfiled our letter and here's a copy for your convenience. Fingers crossed, hubbie starting new job tomorrow, will wait to see how much he gets after tax and then do new I&Es for them all. BD, I am still keeping all letters with the envelopes they arrived in, with date received written on them.
  8. Just a quick update ... We sent out a letter to all our creditors on 25th Dec, (what a lovely way to spend Christmas!), saying hubbie out of work, and sending National Debtline I&Es to them all. Offered no payment for now and didn't mention redundancy!! Have had letters from HF C, M& S, S antander card and loan, some with DNs, all asking us to contact them. Think we'll just write to them, saying "you appear to have misfiled our letter dated 25the Dec, here's a copy for your information" and wait for them to comment on that! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and
  9. Thanks for the reply BD. Agree re. doing I&Es based on job seekers allowance in case the contract doesn't materialise, will start on that tomorrow, getting form ready and letters to send off. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for your help over the past months, I couldn't have done it without you. I'll update when anything happens/ask for advice if we need it. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks all for your help. Hubbie hopefully has a new contract from mid January, although until he actually has paperwork in his hands and starts the contract, I won't relax! We've been in this situation too many times before and you can't rely on a word people say, unfortunately. Thanks for the advice. Santander c.c. did freeze interest and charges without an I&E form before, wondering why they are now insisting. Hubbie is reluctant to provide this info, says it's none of their business. I just want it sorted to be honest. It is dragging on and we are no closer to getting rid of
  11. Another query: We have received a letter from San tander cards, they had accepted lower payment for three months and frozen interest/charges. They have now sent attached letter (the 3 months are up). Should we send I&Es (they haven't had any yet) or just write and say nothing's changed so why increase payment, or wait and see how job situation pans out? Thanks! P.S. BD lol santander cc rcvd 171210.PDF
  12. Ta Vic! Yes, am again considering putting house on the market, but they just aren't selling and would get a terrible price if it did sell. Equity should be approx. £55K to £60K, but more likely £30 to £35K and still wouldn't ensure quick sale, as people just can't get the mortgages! I've seen the National Debtline I&E form but they all send their own forms for us to complete.They also want bank statements and details of other creditors and amounts we owe others. So invasive. I'm just back to not sleeping at night and my head is spinning with thoughts of how to solve this.
  13. Thanks Elsa. We'll get onto all that tonight. It's all a bit much at the mo, futile and hopeless.
  14. Thanks BD. The problem is when hubbie signs on, we won't even have enough to cover monthly costs, let alone food, petrol and loans and credit cards! Depending on how quickly child tax credits are increased, we will prob have between 440 and 900 a month. Our mortgage is £744! As far as I know they don't pay for mortgages/rent for the first 3 months. Have a bit in bank account so can manage a few months of mortgage, utilities and will try to feed us somehow. So there will be no scraps to fight over. I understand from other threads I have read and their website that CCCS will only help i
  15. Hi everyone, An update and request for advice: 1. We have received a DN from Sant ander card people. They were the ones who accepted our lower payment "for 3 months". We have had nothing from them since, except notice they reduced our credit limit (!), notice of sum in arrears x 2, cc statements (on one statement they have listed " ...credit manual adjustment arrangement reage credit" and "debit manual adjustment arrangement reage debit" both for the same amount, one in and one out!), charged no interest, they have been nicely banking our cheques, then last week (or so) we received the D
  16. BD, as a woman I am obviously technically challenged so you must know that the smileys were just available here and quite easy to use! :lol: A sofa in the kitchen, what a great idea!
  17. Oooooh! I don't think you want me to reply to that it's Saturday, the kitchen is lazing on the sofa:sleep: and for tea (Tesco Value, of course!)
  18. Thanks BD, we thought so, but just wondered what it's all about - can they not afford headed paper at Santander anymore?!
  19. I'm just after a bit of advice. We've had 2 letters from Santander (loan) in the last month, both are on plain yellow paper, no letter head, foot etc. They just have name and address of hubbie (account holder), then say urgent msg from Santander re. your personal loan account On receipt of this msg pls telephone **** Opening hours Mon to Thurs bla bla Fri bla bla Sat bla bla Minicom users please dial via text relay on xxx However in tiny tiny writing in right hand bottom corner they have a ref. no. similar to other letters from Santander (altho the yellow letters have in the
  20. Thanks BD. Yes we have sent letters to Stuart Rose, but all we get back are standard letters saying they're looking into our complaint and then a couple of weeks later we get a letter from the usual collection office saying they can't accept our lower payment and terms etc. without I&Es and without us telephoning them! Idiots!
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