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  1. Sorry haven't posted for a while - haven't been receiving updates strangely! Anyway, Neeta that's good news, glad to hear that. We too have a mini success. Two creditors,Sainsos and M& S have accepted £1 monthly payments for now. The others aren't pestering as much at the moment, but I'm sure that'll change. Several have requested proof of mortgage, proof of income, docs signed by the job centre, bank statements etc. Is there anything that says whether they are entitled or not entitled to this information that I can quote at them/point them in the direction of? Or should I sen
  2. Hope you had good hols BD! Thanks for the letter and the ideas re. them cashing our cheques! :lol: As mentioned above, most debts are post 2007 but a couple are 2007 or earlier so will check through yr letter, take out inappropriate bits and send something off to them. I've been putting this off long enough ...
  3. Thanks. The next step for us is CCA'ing the older creditors. We have lots of files with all the paperwork so we can find everything we need to. We are sending token payments to all creditors. We also changed our bank account early on so that we could claw our way out of our overdraft. Yes, before realising we could no longer meet the minimum payments and finding this forum we were burying our heads in the sand, but now we watch every penny we spend and are not extravagant. I appreciate helpful comments but think it would be more constructive to read the whole thread before sugg
  4. Toymaker, how much of the thread have you read? I made a spreadsheet and filled in CCCS's budget sheet at the beginning of the thread. I don't expect anyone to pay for our debt, just trying to get on with our life without lying awake at night and panic attacks. We have no newspapers, no pub visits, no coffees out ... I buy value ranges all the time and have searched the internet for tips on cheap meals and special offers. I'm sorry, but it is clear you haven't read through my thread - all the things you have suggested I have done a long time ago! Thanks for your advice though.
  5. Thanks Elsa. I love my pets too, the tropical fish have a calming effect on me and I suffer with depression and anxiety, so find that very valuable. The same goes for my cats, I love them and can't live without them. Also my daughter loves them and would be so unhappy if they had to go. The only cat that went was my friend's, she now has taken him home. We have cut back on so many things. The music lessons went because my daughter was no longer interested. We no longer have takeaways or eat out or go to the pub or drink alcohol except on very special occasions or if someone brings a bottle
  6. One cat has gone, tropical fish don't really cost anything and we've cancelled the music lessons. Not prepared to give away my pets, when I took them on, it was for their whole lives! I buy cheap pet food. I presume you don't have pets or children?!
  7. Thanks V. When I sent the National Debtline income and expenditure form to them it includes details of creditors and amount owed. But most of these scumbags also ask for proof of income and proof of mortgage payments - why would they be entitled to those? I think that is a huge invasion of privacy.
  8. So, DCAs can announce to the entire world that you are in financial trouble and that's ok?
  9. Neeta, BD said re. Collections being visible in envelope window from Albion: "2. I would ask them if the unsealed and clearly visible purpose or contents of envelopes from Albion contravene the Data Protection Act."
  10. Hi Neeta, Sainsbury's cashed all my cheques too, despite putting the same paras. in my letters. They then wrote recently to explain that cheques are cashed separately to letters being dealt with so it does not mean they have accepted anything! Bless 'em! Yes, I've had two letters from Albion with Collections showing clearly in the envelope window for all to see. I'm in the process of putting together a letter to complain with copy to Sainsburys also. These requests for other creditors and all the details they want make me mad too! How dare they presume they are entitled to this st
  11. Hi agian, We have put together a letter to Sainsos bank, copied to A lbion DCA, could you have a look through and let me know if it's ok. " Dear Sir or Madam, Re.: Agreement number xxx I refer to your letters dated xxx and letters received from A lbion Collections Ltd dated xxx . Further to your letter dated xxx, I wish to inform you that I am still not satisfied with your conduct of my account. Further to your comment that I have not provided you with the information you requested, I have previously provided you with my income and expenditure to your account
  12. Good for you. As we have changed both home and mobile nos. and hubbie's old work doesn't have new mobile no., hope we can avoid this happening. I feel a lot calmer since the calls stopped AND hubbie working again!
  13. Makes sense. We can't offer more at the moment anyway, as the way hubbie gets paid means it will be at least a month and a half before we know what our monthly income net will be. By then he will hopefully be able to move to another contract where he doesn't have to work such rubbish shifts!
  14. Thanks BD. And I was feeling quite happy we have new tel. nos. and ex directory - alarmed to read that they found your number
  15. It makes you wonder, if someone has actually read your letter at last, doesn't it? instead of everything being computer generated ... Let us know if you get a reply. For us everything seems to have gone very quiet since we sent them I&Es saying out of work, no income, here's a quid! You could almost imagine they are thinking about it ...
  16. Yes please, it'll be interesting to see what they do. We have changed phone numbers so they can no longer ring us. Ah, the bliss! At last I can answer the phone when it rings, knowing no one has our number apart from family and friends!
  17. Hi Neeta, yeah, loving that one too Good luck with Albion. Have you managed to get any written correspondence from them? They just constantly write to us, saying we should ring to discuss!!!
  18. Not as scary as you, V!! ;-) Everything we've sent has come from this board, so thanks go out to you guys here.
  19. Thanks guys. Will put together a letter to them but may not be til Friday as hubbie on (12 hr shift) nights at the mo, so barely see him. Some good points above BD, thanks. Haven't send F&F (too much outstanding on that one to make an offer) but they have had I&Es for whilst receiving job seeker's allowance and also £1 cheque for Jan payment. They said they never intended to doa doorstep visit, it was just a notification that they were going to phone, but I think it was worded so as to alarm us! Idiots. Am so mad at them all. They're playing games withus.
  20. Nah. Basically says sorry we were unhappy with the service we received, they agree we received a poor level of service from collections area in respect of attempts to set up reduced repayment arrangement and by ignoring our request to be contacted in writing. don't agree that they shouldn't ask for I&Es. Explained that letters and cheques are separated on receipt, so cashing cheques does not mean they accept them. DN issued 23/10/10. Is likely DN will be registered within next 60 days and ac**** passed to recovery agents 9so who the h*ll are Albion??). Once account defaulted no further
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