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  1. Thanks for the advice Elsa. The only problem I see is that last time we changed bank accounts and moved the direct debits, some were moved, some weren't, some took longer than expected, we never knew where the money should be to pay them .... ended up being charged late payment fees for payments when there wasn't money there to pay them .... Don't want to go through that again! Maybe taking the payment holiday would help though ... Still thinking this one through ... OK, getting there now! One question ... do you mean we should leave the direct debits for mortgage, insurance, utili
  2. Thank you Rhia. Yes, I do that constantly, but the main problem is the payments (and some are huge) go out all over the month, on different dates! The pay goes in weekly, but different amounts each time. So I never know how much will come in very far in advance. I am finding it impossible to work out how much we have available when to pay off credit cards. I don't think any accounting software will deal with that either, i.e. I mean it won't be able to tell me if we will have enough to pay the mortgagein a week's time or in a fortnight's time. The mortgage wipes out more than a week's pa
  3. Thanks Scarlet, I look forward to being in that position. I don't wish to borrow ever again. My husband keeps saying "But what if both cars break down at once and we have no money to pay to repair them? We need a credit card ..." I know we need to be in a position where we can save for things like that. My main problem up to now has been that we have direct debits and payments going out all over the place throughout the month and I couldn't change them to all go out on the first of the month because my husband gets paid weekly. So I could never keep track of how much money we have when .
  4. We don't even have Sky TV, just Freeview built into the tv. No magazine subscriptions, we don't rent DVDs. I need to look into insurance, as we have cover on the TV which I am sure we can cancel. I don't want an outright battle, just to make some headway and get the debt cleared. I think if I can get an accounts package working so that I can see how much money we have when, I will be able to keep track of it and hopefully stop us getting in this mess again and get some slowly paid off! Does anyone use Gnucash free accounting software? I've downloaded it but know nothing about
  5. Thanks Elsa. When you say pre 2007, do you mean that the account was opened prior to 2007 or that the money was borrowed prior to 2007?
  6. Hi BRW, I see your point. Just don't know if I can cope with the worry about how to pay the next bill. I know we only have so much money available in a month, you know that, but the people we owe money to don't care, they want their repayments anyway! But I'm going to do my best. I'll get hold of some cheap files for correspondence. I'm not good at setting up spreadsheets. I have a basic one listing outgoings and income but not sure how to set this up so I have a timeline with when taken out etc. Do you mean: have a column for name, column for start date, column for amount, c
  7. 1 credit card just taken out a few weeks ago, to transfer balance from another where the interest free period had ended and also get rid of some of the overdraft, balance 4600, with low interest of 5.6% for life of the balance transfer. 1 credit card has about 400 that are quite recent - last couple of months, but have had card for about 3,4 or 5 years and already transferred balance to another card when interest free period ended - I know we should have cut up the card and closed the account but didn't and then had to use it for petrol for hubbie's journeys to work when the account had n
  8. Thanks again, you are all great! I will send of the CCA letters to the credit cards we owe to first and see what happens.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Then I will start with the credit cards and write first to each company I owe money to and ask for the credit report using the CCA template. Good plan, re keeping a separate file for everything, I feel much calmer if Iknow where everything is and my filing system is so full, it takes me ages to find things! Do I just ask in the CCA letter if there are charges and insurance premiums added? or is that after they have replied to the CCA letter? I never take out insurance premiums on credit cards and loans as my husband works on contracts so his work is n
  10. Ahhhhh .... so you're saying, write to them and see if they have a copy of the original credit agreement ... if they don't, they can't re-enforce repayment and I just drop that one, i.e. don't bother paying it off??? Have I understood correctly?
  11. Thanks, I'm feeling really dim right now! we haven't missed any mortgage payments yet, have been considering going on interest only mortgage for a year to get a grip on things, though. Or taking 3 month mortgage payment holiday? Are either of these a good idea in the scheme of things? I know they make the mortgage last longer and we have a big long mortgage anyway! But in the short term they would help us a lot. Haven't missed council tax or utility payments yet either, one council tax payment bounced but they represented after we called them and all was ok. I'm worried soon we will be
  12. Thanks Elsa, that's great and very helpful. I do have most of the original credit agreements for loans etc. Do I need to ask for them? Which template do I need for writing with an offer of reduced monthly payments and requesting they freeze the interest?Or is this not possible?
  13. By the way, sorry to everyone for the bundle of replies - I've had no access to the forum all week and had lots of messages to reply to at once!
  14. Thanks Elsa. I'm used to screening calls, so will carry on with that. I always write to people if I need to communicate with them. What are the priority payments and what is a CCA? Are there templates on here? Sorry again, if being dim. Will go search now ... I do need to take control, just don' t know where to start! Thanks again.
  15. But what does it matter what my credit report is like if I'm not going to borrow any more money? We already lost the decent standard of living and can barely meet the minimum payments now! I agree, if we can get through this, we will be stronger and wiser, but can't see how to get through it at the moment. I don't want the goodies anymore, all I really need is maybe a short (4 days) hols for £500 a year, a couple of colas in the pub once a week and maybe a takeaway once a month, plus be able to buy clothes for my children. I don't want much, but I do want to clear the debt fo
  16. Thanks for your reply. I am struggling with the abbreviations here - so many to get to grips with at once! What are CCA requests? what are Subject Access Requests? Section 77/78 CCA requests? OFT protection? SAR? Sorry, am being dim, but it's like a foreign language!
  17. \the problem is I am dealing with this alone as my husband has failed to see how serious this is - until now, I think I got through to him at last, but he is still rubbish at these things. I can't handle anymore stress now, I don't sleep and feel really depressed about it. I don't mind the work but haven't a clue where to start! I don't do phone calls - have phone phobia - but don't mind letters, but I start to tremble when I get letters from the banks now. \thanks for your help.
  18. So, do you think, leave things as they are but aim to pay off the credit cards first, then pay off the loans ...? But I have no excess money to do this? We are struggling to meet minimum payments now, not sure how I am going to be in a position to pay them off. I don't have the confidence to write to them making a monthly payment offer ... but don't have all the figures to hand to fill in the CCCS forms! Everything is just a mess! Also, are you then suggesting that once the credit cards are somehow paid off, I pay off the loans early? \thanks for your help.
  19. Have another estate agent valuing house on Monday, will instruct them to put on the market on Tuesday, as either way we have to move, either to smaller cheaper house or to rented accomm.
  20. Due to my husband being made redundant several times over past ten years and now working contracts, we now have so much debt that I don't know what to do. I have looked at CCCS and National Debtline but to be honest it just looks like too much hard work, I can't cope with it. My husband gets paid weekly so I can't pay CCCS a monthly sum for them to pay amounts to the people we owe to as they suggest in a debt management plan, as I can't find the amount they would need a month in one sum. The other suggestion is selling our house and using that to pay our debts but first of all
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