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  1. The pages in the pdf are not very good quality as I photographed them for my own use, if you require better quality I will take some tomorrow when I see him next Thanks mike Court Summons1.pdf
  2. Thank you Andy, I felt I was in the right place as the post, although as a result of parking, it was primarily about the format of a Magistrates Court Summons (signature/stamp)and Appealing. I thought legal would have been the more appropriate place to post. Thanks Mike
  3. Is an unsigned & unstamped Magistrates Court Summons legal. A semi literate friend of mine went to court on the wrong date (too late) to defend a parking ticket summons. When he told me about this later that day he had all the paperwork with him and it is blank as far as to who issued it, it is on headed paper with the Court address and telephone numbers, case number, his name and address, date of birth, that is it, nothing else. I have gone round in circles for 4 days trying to find out for sure if this summons meets the criteria required as he will appeal if he has a chanc
  4. I received a letter dated March 26 2014 from Restons re Arrow Global saying if I did not pay them £xxxx by April 9 2014 they would issue a county courticon Summons. I immediately wrote back requesting a copy of the Contract and informing them that the debt was disputed, they bounced it back in a letter dated April 01 2014 saying it needed a signature, I added to my typed signature, a digital signatureicon and returned it. Having received nothing from them, I wrote to them again on April 10 2014 again requesting a copy of the Contract. The next thing I received was a Cl
  5. Sorry the formatting went wrong and could not seem to be able to get it to come out correctly, I have now re-posted and it seems OK
  6. Restons have been stalling to say the least, I have taken a few days putting this all together and now time is very tight for me to reply to them, I need some feedback quickly please. In 2005 I borrowed £20k+ from Egg and made all my repayments on time, I had a mutually agreed payment holiday for a short period at the end of 2006. In 2009 I got into financial difficulties I telephoned Egg in July to ask if I could arrange lower repayments for the loan and for a couple of credit cards that I had with them. I told them that I could not afford to pay the full amo
  7. Update on everything that has happened since my initial post :- In due course I recieved the Notice to Owner which I replied to (by recorded delivery) just inside the 28 days from service with (stuff that is a duplicate of the above is in italics) :- 2nd February 2012 Re PCN NUMBER: xxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to challenge the Penalty Charge for the following reasons: - I was not parked; in fact after searching the surrounding area unsuccessfully for a long term
  8. A quick update, full details to follow, probably over the weekend, ticket has just been cancelled , it sometimes pays to be diligent
  9. Hi again Jamberson, I have not mentioned a a Local Contravention Order and cannot speak on behalf of Scooby Doo69. All direct references I have made have been in regard to Road Signs and Permitted Variants, this is what I thought you were refering to when you said "What's one of those??" in post 6, as the quote in post 6 (from Scooby Doo69) did not show when I viewed my thread until today for some reason.
  10. Hi Jamberson The PDF is here http://assets.dft.gov.uk/publication...chapter-03.pdf as per my last post
  11. Hi Scooby Doo69 There will have to be an local order in place, that will be a local thing. The road markings and signs have to comply with National regulations (which are contained in The Traffic Sign Manual) as well for the parking place to be legitimate. For those that are interested the part of the manual relating to signs can be downloaded at http://assets.dft.gov.uk/publications/traffic-signs-manual/traffic-signs-manual-chapter-03.pdf The complete manual is at http://www.dft.gov.uk/publications/traffic-signs-manual/ . The answer to Jamberson's question can also be found i
  12. According to the ticket I was "parked" from 12:35 to 12:39 (so according to them if you work out the minimums & maximums between 3 mins 2 secs and 4 mins 58 secs), I do not know what they use to time "the offence".
  13. After getting up in the early hours of the morning and driving for over 8 hours across Britain to pick my Brother-in-Law up from an International flight and then onto and through London, I was shattered and desperately looking for a place to park up for the rest of the day. I had a chest and sinus infection plus a stinking cold, so I did not want to go to London but the plans had been made months before, he had never been to London and only speaks a little English and he had come to watch his favourite English team play an International match. At no time was I out of sight of the car f
  14. I have a bit of a problem regarding timing, mainly down to the court losing my papers and taking too long to set a hearing date that I had requested (nearly 4 months from the date of the first letter). Notice of Allocation to Fast Track of my case was given on August 17th I wrote a letter to the court on September 8th stating that the Claimant had not disclosed (amongst other things) transcripts of telephone conversations with the Claimant although these had been mentioned in my Defence and in court. I hand delivered the letter to the court, I asked what happens next and was t
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