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  1. Thanks mariner51 he signed the agreement on the 11/06/16 he is having marital problems so to reduce the tension whilst counselling he and his wife agreed that he would go for a short term rental he opened a new bank account on the understanding that his salary would be paid direct into the bank and the bank would assist with an overdraft enabling him to pay the deposit but they have now said he needs to operate the account for a few weeks etc etc my son has spoken to the agent and they are adamant that he is liable for the full 6 months rent even if he does not occupy sorry if it is too much detail but i feel i need to explain that this is not an excuse looking for a get out clause
  2. Hi Here's hoping someone may help My son signed a tenancy agreement with a letting agent but has not taken possession of the property, due to having difficulties obtaining the deposit. The agent has told him he is liable for the full 6 month rental amount . is this correct , ie is there no cooling off period etc many thanks in advance
  3. Magic !! that brightened my day thankyou
  4. Thanks Everone I have been in contact with Sam Gardiner from the Trading Standards and the problem has as far as we can tell been resolved, In fairness to MH they have apologised for any misunderstaanding and any inconvenience caused and have removed my employers number from their data base . I must say that the speed and response from Sam Gardiner was really breathtaking so a big big thanks for that . I am sure if anyone else has a similar problem it can be resolved with the help of Sam. Once again many thanks to you all. Bof.
  5. Thanks again cerberusalert. I contacted Alan Stewart as advised however Alan's cases have been taken over by his colleague Sam Gardiner,who is very helpful i have furnished Sam with the details he required so that the matter can be dealt with . Here's hoping many thanks Bof:|
  6. Thanks cerberusalert Do you think i should give this gent a ring tomorrow or email/write to him. Thanks !
  7. Hi Everyone. I am looking for a bit of advice for my son. Its starts like this. My son worked for the same company as i do so today the secretary told me that MH had been ringing and leaving messages for him to contact them,so the secretary rang them back and informed them he no longer works there, MH replied we cannot switch off the automated caller until they have been contacted by my son. Now he has no idea what it is about as his credit rating is in very good standing as all his previous skeletons were cleared up to enable him to purchase a property 2 years ago and before that he had t be clean as a whistle for the rental market. I am a bit adverse to tell him to ring them after reading some of previous threads regarding these clowns,but i need to get MH to stop calling my company office. Any advice Peep's Thanks in advance !!
  8. Many thanks Scarletpimpernel I have found the forms for the OFT on here. I can find the consumer direct easily enough. Just 1 silly question regarding the OFT do i leave all the sections refering to your client blank and explain that i am a lone complainant.
  9. Hi Martin3030 Well i took it upon my self to write to Finance U asking them to explain the additional charges as i believe the finance agreement is now subject of a CCJ and they cannot add any more charges unless the judge allows this . that was sent on the 04/08/10 recorded and it has still not been collected from the post office. Also i received notice of court action from Silverman/co asking for £20,684.00 so they have added even more interest,i also have another 2 messages over and above the ones mention in my previous post . I am doing as i was advised by keeping up the payments so the original judgement is going down ,but these people are relentless in the matter of a couple of months Finance U & Silverman have added over £5,600 to my CCJ. I am considering writing to Grahame Humphries at Corner Park Garage and send him a copy of the letter that i mailed to his Finance U business address and asking him to get Simon to explain these additional charges. Should i fill in the OFT complaint form on both of these company's? I thought that this was dead as nobody has answered my previous post's So thanks for your concern any help would be gratefully recieved....... I bet you wish you never asked now LOL
  10. Hi everyone sorry its been so long . here is an update SORRY IT IS A BIT LONG WINDED! 1. i sent the letter outlining my rights to silverman and co,however they totally ignored the first letter sent recorded. i then received a letter 3 days later dated the same date as my recorded letter demanding payment in 7 days,which i ignored,i then had 2 messages on my answer machine at home asking me to contact them regarding the outstanding balance which i ignored. I then wrote another letter outling my rights but drawing their attention to the first letter,they ignored that,i had a message on my answer machine at home again i ignored that,i then got a call on my mobile at work which i answered and it was a lady from silverman and co asking when i would be making the next payment and i should make it to them and if i am struggling ( which i am at the mo but i will continue ) i should fill an expenditure form out and they could drop the payments to £50 a month if that is all i can afford.I told her my rights and i do not have to speak to them and the payments would continue to be paid to Finance u via the paying in book that i have. Then on Sat 31/07/10 i recieved a notice of sum of arreas from Finance u showing the couple of payments that i have made and then it shows a debit of £3582.37 added to my account that is the exact amount of money that silverman had put on top of my court order.... what next Please..THANKS IN ADVANCE
  11. loan agreement3.pdf Hello Everyone i think i have done this right , if not i am sure you will tell me if this is ok could you tell me what else you need ....thanx
  12. Hello everyone just a note to say i am having a problem with my printer/scanner i have a used one from work coming tomorrow so i shall scan and upload the documents you have asked for. Letter to daniels /silverman has been sent recorded. and the letter for finance u with cheque will go in the morning as i had to double check what bits i needed to omit from it.:|
  13. Thanks i am in the process of doing the letters now and i shall mess with the scanner later. once again thankyou !!!! ishall keep you informed of any events..
  14. I shall . I have been told by my brother in cardiff that they use a finance company now and thanks again i may get some sleep tonight..
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