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  1. Thanks guys. Question answered. Seems a bit daft that holiday companies are exempt, but it is what it is.
  2. Hi, I wonder if someone could clarify the rules on the use of 0844 numbers for calling customer services? I thought the use of such numbers was outlawed in new rules that came about in June 2013 but I have been dealing with "Just Go Holidays" who tell me that the rules do not apply as tour operators are exempt. Just so I don't go making a fool of myself could someone briefly outline the facts? Many Thanks
  3. No BankFodder, they seem to be right behind me. With regards to group ownership, I set it up so I assume its mine, I appointed the administrators shortly after. I was discussing this on my group page, in general, no names mentioned, when someone made a throwaway comment that "the bloke wants shooting". He has got wind of this and now claims he will pass this onto his solicitor as it was a clear death threat, well (a) It wasn't and (b) It wasn't me. I think he is losing the plot.
  4. Apparently the guy has now set up a Facebook group with exactly the same name as my group, this he claims give him the justification to sue me because he wants the logo for his own new group. What he seems to have forgotten however is that the logo contains my web site address, and he certainly cannot set the same website address.
  5. Thats pretty much what I have done BankFodder, but he has been making the same threats to the other admin members. I am happy to take him on but can he really drag them into it as well?
  6. Good day to you all. This is a little unusual but I hope someone can advise me on my legal position? About a year ago I started a Facebook group, it turned out to be quite popular and so I appointed some members as administrators to help me run it. One of these administrators asked me if it would be OK for him to design a new header/logo for the group to which I agreed. He designed it using a proprietry computer program, used public domain and royalty free images, the name of the Facebook group and also the accompanying website that I also registered the domain in my name. He has now
  7. Just had John Lewis on the phone, l ong conversation but what they are saying is that I will have to pay for an engineer to come out and repair the fridge freezer. If the engineer reports that the fault is "inherent" then they would cover the cost of the repair and reimburse me. If it is just wear and tear or a general comment failure that was not inherent then it would be down to me. I tried the SOGA argument but he just said that as it was outside the 2 year warranty then they are doing all they are legally required to do. Then..... As I was typing t
  8. I am sure you are right dx, but John Lewis asked me to go down that avenue, I did, they were appalling and so its now back ti John Lewis.
  9. UPDATE....... I have contacted Samsung, won't bore you with the details but suffice to say they messed me about big syle, passing me around, putting me on hold, asking me to ring other numbers etc. they finally said they would ring me today with their final decision. No call was received but I did receive the following email..... Dear XXXX, Your customer reference number is XXXXXXXXXXX. I am contacting you regarding the complaint that was logged on your customer account. I understand that your refrigerator is leaking and I apologise for this inconvenien
  10. Hi, In October 2012 I purchased an American style double door fridge freezer from John Lewis for £705.00 with a two year warranty. For some time now it has been leaking water and getting so bad that it is leaving a large puddle on my kitchen floor. I read somewhere that it is possible to ask the original supplier for a free of charge repair, despite the fact that the warranty has expired, on the grounds that it is reasonable to have expected it to last longer than it has given the price paid. Today I have telephoned John Lewis to explain my situation, they said
  11. Bit of an update...... Explained to the company that the item should be warranted and they have asked me to send it to them so that they can examine it. Email conversation went thus: Company - Please can you return the faulty inflator to us so we can take a look, we can then either repair or replace the item for you. Please enclose your name and address in the item so we can tally it up with your order on our system. Kind regards Me - Ok but in the case of faulty items the return cost is down to you. I will package it for you FOC but you will need to arrange pick up or pro
  12. Thanks guys, you have confirmed what I already suspected.
  13. Hi, Recently I purchased an air compressor from an online store for £200. With this compressor they offered a "free" 5 piece accessory kit. One of these items was a tyre inflator/pressure gauge and this has now become faulty. I have contacted them to ask for a repair or replacement and they have informed me that as it was a free item then there is no warranty and they are under no obligation to deal with it. How do I stand legally? Although they call it "free" it is not really free as I had to buy a £200 item in order to get it. Many thanks guys.
  14. Swedish Derogation is a loophole that allows the client company to get out of having to pay the agency worker equal pay with the regular guys after 12 weeks. Its stinks as it completely undermines the protection that AWR2010 offers to agency workers. It really needs to be banned, but probably won't be! Thanks - will post end result here for information.
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