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  1. I'd normally keep quiet but I'm going to have to stick up for Consumeredge here, I did indeed win my case on Friday and without Consumeredge's help it would not have been possible. see http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?263479 Thanks CE I'm with you all the way!! thanks Dave
  2. Trial was today, Can the site team change the title to title to Davetherave (won) please!!! Many thanks to CE you know who you are, your info / input was invaluable!!!Good luck with K4, hope it turns out OK for her!!! Oh and special thanks to Cohen's for sending the most useless agent I have ever had the pleasure of sharing the court with!!!! Shall be joining CE in his quest to rid the world of the Evil Cohen ****!!! DtR
  3. Am being taken to court by Cohen's, have argued that point already, judge told them that without avalid NOA from MBNA they had no chance. Have MBNA ever sent you a notice of assignment?
  4. MBNA sold my account before the default notice had expired.
  5. Any news from the court yet Beau?? My hearing is in 3 weeks, going to attend though!!
  6. I have had a couple of instances where I have not attending hearings and it has come back to bite me!! Have you had experience of this, I take it you must be pretty confident with your defence!!
  7. How did the hearing go yesterday BeauBrummie?, I have a similar hearing next month. Same as you also, as soon I challenged them they have gone for SJ too!!
  8. My Claim has been stayed over a year now, was yours similar to this TTD.
  9. My Initial Defence was as follows: 1. I, xxxxxx am the Defendant in these proceedings and make the following statements in defence of the claim. 2. I am embarrassed in pleading to the particulars of claim as it stands at present, inter alia; 3. The Particulars of Claim are vague and insufficient and do not state an adequate statement of facts to the preceding attempts to obtain a payment or the alleged cause of action. 4. It is admitted that I have a credit account in the form of a credit card managed by Sainsbury’s Bank. However, it is not
  10. Skyblue2, remember what the question is you asked, when your up to your neck in litigation as suggested by dx having already offered F&F settlement of £1800, initially offered payments of £607 per month and have made payment under those terms, they will hang you! The question you asked was how to positively identify the party responsible for placing the red default against the CL Finance account?
  11. Timeline Below March 2009 – Letter from Restons demanding Full Balance plus collection charge in ten days. Received Claim form from Northampton(copy attached prev) CCA’d OC and couldn’t provide docs. Acknowledged service and submitted Embarrassed Defence! April 2009 - Restons send Docs(inc CCa and original statements) May 2009 – Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to Local Court Received notice of “Application for Summary Judgment(to be held in August) June 2009 - Filed Allocation Questionnaire August 20
  12. I did that, hey didn't accept the payments I offered, they went for the Charging order, thats when I wrote to Restons and offered them a higher amount per month. Guess I should write to them to see if interest is being added or not. Some have said on here that interest should not be added to debts regulated by the cca. thanks for the input Dave
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