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  1. Many thanks for your help. I will go through all I have and send off the s78(1) for me and my wife's account. Thanks again and will be updating this page with all and any info I get. Mr. Unhappy:evil:
  2. What is the best way to start this? With a CCA or a S.A.R. or both?
  3. Just bouncing this a little. Still looking for some help please. Many thanks Mr. Unhappy
  4. I have just looked through the info I got from my last S.A.R. and the statements I have since and I have paid in excess of £4000 in interest, late charges and OD charges and have a balance of just under £5000. I don't have all my current statements so the amount I have paid will go up. Do you think they will settle in full??? or will I have to pay off the remainder? Mr. Unhappy
  5. Where do I start. My wife has an MBNA credit card which is now being managed by LINK and we are paying a fixed amount every month. They have stopped adding interest and all charges. I have a credit card with MBNA which after many call, they have told me that they will not stop adding charges. I pay a large amount each month and in the end about £50 of that is taken off the gross. So 80% of what I pay is interest and payment protection (which I have tried to take off but they havn't removed it). What am I intitled to try and claim back and how do I start. I have been readin
  6. I have let this go on for too long now. I need to go to court as I have had no responce from ECS. Can I do the paperwork on-line or do I need to go to the courts and get the paperwork? If I can do this, where do I go on-line? Many thanks Simcap
  7. Hi canary64, Sorry for the delayd responce. The story so far is we still have the car, have paid over £700 to have the head gasket replaced and while it was at Kia was told of more work that will need to be done before the MoT. Am in the process of writing to ECS tellin them of the cost and that they have 5 working days to pay or we will go to court without any further notice. Will see how that goes. Not holding my breath as haven't heard a word from them at all. How is your problem? Have you done anything about it? Simcap:confused:
  8. Hi all, I know it is miles too late now, but if you have received charges for just one month, I normaly call them have a heated debate and they refund me strait away. Don't take there BS and keep fighting. You must win on your first phone call or you will have to start the court process. A late Simcap. (Sorry)
  9. Just for your records. I won. They came back to me with a number which was very different to mine. So I asked them to explain. They couldn't and offered me an extra £800.00 which was the difference. Cheque arrived and then another cheque for the difference. Happy Days. Thank you to everyone how helped me. Good luck to everyone else. You will get your money back if you fight to the end and can play the waiting game. A happy Simcap.
  10. Hi all, Tomorrow will be the end of the 7 working days I gave ECS to reply. What is my next step? Is it an LBA, if so is there a template for my situation. If not, can I please have help with some of the wording. Many thanks Simcap
  11. Thank you both. I have already sent the above storey to Consumer direct and am waiting a reply. Have also formulated a letter stating the Sales Of Goods Act and Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and will send that rec' del' tomorrow. Will see what happens. Simcap
  12. I was told by an independant garage that it would cost £1000.00 but to be on the safe side just incase there are other problems to think £1200. This is the 2.9 CRDi deisel engine and it is one big lump. Kia have also said between £600 - £1000, I know it is a big gap but they wont finalise a figure without taking the engine to pieces and that will cost £2-300 pounds. Even when it is back together they said it may also be the water pump and that to supply and fit is another £300.00 . Help Simcap
  13. I hope someone can help me as the trader who sold me this car wont. I bought a Kia Sedona from a company called Eastcoast Salvage. They sell cars on behalf of Leasing companies. I paid £3600 for the car. Before I bought it I took it for a little drive around thier yard and car park as the car was not Taxed. It was MoT'ed. On the way home the car overheated, so I filled it back up with water and set off. after another 20 miles the same thing happend. I then had to buy AA cover to get it removed from the Motorway. I have spoken to the dealers on a number of occasions and in the end he
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