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  1. Ok I have come to the conclusion that I am going to SAR shop direct and reclaim any unfair charges that have been levied on the accounts that me and my Partner have had with them, I will be in need of some guidance in how I should go about this, I have read that I should tote up the charges on the accounts and add interest ??, has any one been successful in doing this?? will they put up much of a fight to not pay up, the accounts were with choice,great uneversal and my Partners was with littlewoods. Any advice on how to procede with this will be well recieved. Thanks. tiama
  2. Just had two more text messages from lowlifes again today, strange thing is though they where for two different people (not me!!!),is this not a breach of the data protection act??? as they left names and account ref numbers??. Anyway Partner phoned them back and gave the person(?) at their end a blunt but stern rollocking about them using his phone number and that he was in possesion of personal data and would use this against them if they did not remove all trace of his number off their system,to which they have glady done so (we will wait and see on this one!!!).If they are in the wrong , w
  3. Hi SOD'EM, have you tried stopping it in safemode ??
  4. Hi, Thanks for the responses and the link.
  5. Panda cloud internet security is excellent, it takes up no resources on your machine as in the name "cloud" it is internet based with real time protection. http://majorgeeks.com/Panda_Cloud_Antivirus_d6144.html or there is also IObit.... http://majorgeeks.com/IObit_Security_360_d6088.html
  6. Hi, Haven't been here for awhile now , I am still having issues regarding Lowells and a shop direct debt,they have been chasing me for. I recieved a BT text message service text from them today with the usual threat of " you must contact us now". Now I am getting pretty sick of the run around with these people, it's been nearly 2yrs now, so I am considering to see if I am elligable for a DRO as I am on Benefits and can not afford to pay this debt, but, I am un-sure wether I am elligable or not as I do not know if this type of debt is elligable, the outstanding amount is £669.00 , I have no
  7. Forgot to add also that you may have to download winrar or another form of similar program as i think some of the drivers are are in zip format.
  8. http://www.sis.com/download/agreement.php?url=/download/ I hope this is of some assistance to those who are having or might have some of the issues that ive had !!! in the right hand corner of the page is a box that says " Idetify model number of SiS products, click on that and follow prompts, once it has loaded scan it will give a list of all installed and misssing software/drivers, all of which are "upto date". Best Regards.
  9. Hi and thanks again for the responses... the laptop is an old Tiny A535 SiS mother board with AMD4 processor...I have actualy resolved the problem now, via downloading software and driver from SiS website.... website offers free scan of system and re-load of upto date drivers and software for your type of system....FANTASTIC....don't come across many companies that 'll do that nowadays.
  10. Just formatted daughters old laptop and now i am having issues with the display driver... tried installing SiS UniVGa Display Driver (as this was what Driver Magician found to be compatible) and recieved system message of "cannot detect device please confirm that device is configured properly then restart set up" tried the usual way via device manager of updating but recieved same message. any help would be gratefull
  11. try ebay, i got mine off there cheap enough. depending on what O.S , i.e 32 bit or 64, 32bit will only show as a max Ram of 3.5 gb, so in my personal opinion if i was running a 32 bit OS i would only upgrade one stick to 2gb, have you run a crucial scan to determine wether your machine supports such an upgrade ?? if not check it here.... http://www.crucial.com/uk/systemscanner/?click=true download the scanner and it will tell you what type of RAM is compatible and the amount your machine can handle. hope this helps.
  12. windows defender is not compatible with windows 7 either so if that is your operating system it wont work so best left off .
  13. also depending upon what operating system you use you can also get windows defender for free.
  14. Problem is now resolved!!!! Thank you very much for the advice given!!!! followed as instructed and HeyPresto!!! Bios was booting into network hence the ethernet issue!! boots perfectly now!!!
  15. Thanks for the speedy responses... would it be poss for you to give me a "walk through" on how to boot into bios and change settings.... thanks again all help is very much appreciated.
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