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  1. All i have had from M Hall are a couple of letters threatening court action and a series of email replies saying they cannot accept my offer. I am not sure what to do next. Do you really think that phoning and speaking to someone will help? They've been adamant up to now that they cannot accept my offer.
  2. Hi Blythe spirit... Once you take control you will feel so much better....we've all been in similar situations so do know how you feel right now. First thing you need to do is cancel the card the payday companies have on file....just call the bank and tell them it was lost or stolen. It is advisable also to get another bank account altogether just to completely safe guard your money. You can either call the pdl companies and tell them that you have a change in circumtance and need to set up a payment plan, or like me, wait until payment is just past due and email them. Be very firm and
  3. Hiya Tink.... Like Benjani, it was about 4 months before QQ passed me over to M Hall. I gave up replying to QQ's regular emails....but kept copies of all the ones previous that had my offers of payment. I had several phone calls too, but either ignored or hung up once i realised it was them!! You just need to hang on in there....your turn will come!! I am still waiting for Mackenzie Hall to respond to my last email....will keep you posted on developements. Shanti
  4. Try not to worry too much about Wonga....just stick to your guns and insist on everything in writing. There are several of us on here who have successfully managed to set up repayment plans over 12 months. I am paying back the original loan plus the interest they would have charged for that........no further charges or interest have been added. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for all your advice... I received another email today offering me the chance to spread payments over 5 months....i wrote back that i could not afford that and again offered my "terms"...am still waiting to hear back. It seems strange that you can only pay over the phone or via Mack Halls website...is this just their way of getting more money from us at £1 a time? Does anyone know if they have a bank account to enable me to pay by standing order or over the counter? (if and when they come to an agreement that is) Thanks again everyone Shanti
  6. Thanks for the tip Benjani. I might give that a go in another month or two!....or maybe after Christmas on second thoughts!!!
  7. Thanks Benjani....i feel the same as you...if i had been able to pay QQ in just 3 installments, the debt would not be with Mack Hall now! If it's ok with you, i might borrow wording from your email. Shanti
  8. Thanks everyone... Cornetgirl, it was John Hegarty who sorted it out after i blasted them...so you are spot on. I'll go straight to him if they make any more mistakes.
  9. After several months of QQ refusing my offer to repay (unless it were in 3 installments), they have finally passed me over to Mackenzie Hall. They have also just refused my offer to repay over 12 months which would actually clear the debt.. (this is all i can afford as i am paying of other pdls as well) Below is the email they just sent.....any advice please guys?? Shanti Thank you for replying regarding your Quick Quid account. Unfortunately your proposed payment plan of £xx per month has been declined as this will not halt the legal action pending on your account. As y
  10. Over the past several months i have managed to set up arrangements with all my payday loans except QQ....have given up replying to their automated emails now... However, i am slightly concerned with Wonga.... I have been paying them off each month, on time as per the agreement and yesterday i received a message and an email from a DCA acting on their behalf. Have blasted them by email and copied wonga who now say they will ask for the debt to be returned to them....but i am now suspicious....remember this is wonga i'm talking about! Should i be concerened do you think...or should i conti
  11. Great advice from jellycubes. Keep us posted here and we can guide you or advise as appropriate. Time to take control!!!
  12. Keep us posted of your progress gibby. I'm currently waiting to see what action QQ are going to take as they have refused any offers i have made....and i know i'm not the only one. It's great that we can all support each other here.
  13. Just noticed Jamie recommended emailing: errol.damelin@wonga.com That seemed to provoke a response when i tried.
  14. Hey wayneg1... if you cannot manage qq's payment plan then just wait for them to pass you over to their debt collecting agency......thats what i am waiting for now as well. My proposed payment offer was not good enough for them either! Also be very careful NOT to give them your card details.....if you do not want them taking money from your account and if you haven't already, you need to "lose" your card.
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