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  1. Please follow the advice given Natash, you need to know what they are doing behind your back !! Update as soon as you have made that call please so we can help JCx
  2. That is good to hear then Moradin. For a moment reading those posts I thought you were at risk. JCx
  3. Hello Stand Remember to keep a copy of anything you write to them. Writing your offer shows that you are willing to address the debt at an affordable rate. If the funeral director still wishes to take it to court you will be made to pay no more and you will have a chance to go to mediation prior so you can offer this amount via the mediation team. You will get through this and well done for facing up to this difficult process. It must be an emotional reminder that you can well do without and once it is sorted you will be able to let this stress go JCx
  4. Well done on tackling this head on. It is so easy to be frightened or feel fear of phone calls, visits, letters etc. The truth is as you are finding out, you are being cash cowed. They prey on peoples fears and your accounts being put on hold general means as DX says they have been caught out and bye bye paying them anymore of your hard earned money. I did this and had all sorts of fears and now all this time later I look back and see that it was fear more than anything and the reality is I was cash cowed like you for too long but cag helped me wipe off nearly 28K. Keep hold of all the paperwork they send you. Laugh at the we may, we might letters or use them to line a cat litter tray JC x
  5. Irresponsible lending as you are finding is not tolerated by the FOS, CAG or the others that you are finding great results with. I had an ex who spent thousands of pounds of my money on gambling and despite initially being put of by the creditors, with the help of CAG and DX I had around £28K written off. It can be so overwhelming and I will be looking out for you. You have come so far already and the results are so positive ! Keep fighting x
  6. I have finally won justice for the institutional abuse of the worst kind. Took me years and lost my mind more times than I can recall. I am here now to post and support others. Debt, mental health, abuse etc... I can support and help others. I have referred others to the site, I always use the DX phrase ... Your cat has more power than the DCA This site for a number of years gave me the strength to fight. Humanity in my darkest hours. Freed me from significant financial abuse. You will see me around the site. I have always read here, been a back ground lurker as my case took its toll on my mental health but I never ever give up JC
  7. Thank you for your replies DX had his light on at all hours and no Silver fox it never goes out:-D I had many times in a state of anxiety, paperwork that made no sense and he took so much of his time to help me and went above and beyond. Support I have found nowhere else like this site. I always read on here, so it was nice to post the final closure of this thread. I feel free finally. My doormat has no letters to set fire to in the garden. Andy put together a brilliant legal reponse. So many people to thank. JC x
  8. Just an update to say that all debt including barclays and a number of others have been written off. I now have no debt and all defaults removed from credit file. As you know from the above that MBNA was written off as well as 10k lloyds overdraft. This site helped me a my lowest and darkest times and a total of £27,900 has been written off. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am forever grateful to DX and others who were there for me JC x
  9. Just an update to say that all debt including barclays and a number of others have been written off. I now have no debt and all defaults removed from credit file. As you know from the above that MBNA was written off as well as 10k lloyds overdraft. This site helped me a my lowest and darkest times and a total of £27,900 has been written off. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am forever grateful to DX and others who were there for me JC x
  10. You are a wealth of support DX. Your stubborn light shines ! Thank you Jack for that supportive message. One battle fought and on to the biggest one of my life now. Keep fighting because without fight we may as well lay down and be walked over........... Those days are gone ! JC
  11. The case has been discontinued and the debt written off. Down to significant evidence and the green light of DX that has by the grace of god got me through some dark shifts. The journey has been awful, but justice prevails and this is the peace I need. Thank you DX... as the song goes ..there is a light that never goes out and I am humbled JC
  12. I have spoken to MBNA fraud team. I did so some time back but a representative said there was no CCA etc. After my call today which took its toll on my anxiety I have been told they have no record of a CCA, NOTHING. Infact they said the last contact they had was with a previous DCA. I didnt go into a lot of detail back then I was in a mental breakdown. One of many. I have today sent an email and will send a copy to the judge. I asked the lady at MBNA if I applied for a card would my name and address get me 10k. She said no and even back then a detailed application would have required earnings length of employment etc. I have no idea what will happen now. My son had to pick me up off the kitchen floor as emotionally it drags up dark times. I will keep you all updated. I have no idea if what I am doing is right, I just woke up and made the call. Yes I should have been more pro active but mental health is a dark animal JC
  13. DX are you there ? ..... I am sending a pm due to sensitivity, I know not normal practice
  14. Yes DX the 9th of October. So they have made up the terms then. Yes I will point all the errors out. Surely they must tell the truth in a court of law ? I know I will be telling the judge the whole truth DX. Thank you for that information. As ever vital support, Thank you
  15. ok the terms and conditions they sent me state 12 pounds late fees and a different interest rate to what the reproduce cca which just contains my name address and a tick. the statements they produce on a spreadsheet state i was charged 12 pounds in 2006 yet the alleged cca which does not have my signature clearly states 25 fee. so not only do i believe they have made this up as if true the charges on the spreadsheet would state 25 pounds and also the interest rate in the terms and conditions does not match the one shown on the put together online application now forgive me but what will the judge think of that ? should i tell the solicitors or should i just explain to the judge on the day. dx i wish your light was on
  16. Okay thank you DX. I will put forward to the judge you sent a typed name, no address no employment or telephone number/income would you expect a 10k gift ? No. Its disgusting because its not valid. I will concentrate on that area an have printed off some info.... phew I am not giving up Plus no statements till 2015 !!! with withdrawals in areas ive never been in my life.....
  17. Okay I am going to court. They have paid the fees and i have found well they sent me all the discount letters that I burned so thats a bonus. Truth is I am ill with worry, mental health is awful. But if it kills me i am going to turn up. Any advice please. I have copied everything I have even the prove it letters, it was sold on whilst in dispute, strange that the solicitors had no record of my request to the previous debt collector but i have the orignal from them acknowledging the account in dispute. I didnt think you could sell on but what do I know. ooooofffff I am in tears but I am fighting Is life seriously worth all of this ?.............. My other case regarding institutional abuse is going ahead in October... My anxiety and panic, gosh I feel so low I have one day left to get this in. Can anyone help me ? the debt was in dispute i have the original letters should it have been sold on whilst in dispute .I am trying my best to get this together Also there is no address on the CCA no employment details no telephone numberno signature just a tick. How was 10k given. I have included the obudsman letter in the lloyds case so the judge can see that if a cca had been proveded we could have investigated it I have had to stop the solicitors sending me mail as they were not putting it in the envelope properly and my neighbour opened it !!!!!!!!!!! They were aggressive on the phone so i said email only... no emails urghhhhh sorry im off my head in anxiety
  18. Okay DX I have sent in my defense as you know which was quite extensive. I have asked for a court near to me and explained that I have severe mental health. Its just a case of waiting for a court date now i guess. One thing of note DX the negotiating department said that I could call them at any point I am satisfied they have provided evidence ie CCA etc and we could enter the negitoation but he stated it really needs proving that this debt is owed thats why I did wonder if another CCA request was worth it Kind regards JQ ps Besides that form i filled in I have had no other documentation as of yet to fill in but I have put together a file of the letters etc over the years asking for proof etc and discount letters. Some i burned but thats another story
  19. Thank you DX the case is unstayed as When I put in my defense the made the case Live again. However I can't agree to something They can provide no proper paperwork for And all requests for a true cca has as we know Just produced a reconstructed one and poor At that it is. Should I again request a true cca from the solicitor ? I told the courts that without this I am unable to Go to the ombudsman with my complaint Anyhow deep breaths because even court acknowledge This has been passed around debt collectors And by the way it's no longer atkiv it's now CPA Group or something of that name Sorry typing on a mobile hope this makes sense JQ
  20. Okay I have just spoken to mediation. They say this case Is quite serious and it is still not proved how this debt was obtained and without a complete cca I would be only able to use this service if I am accepting I owe this debt and acknowledge I took It out. It is going to court. I really don't feel well enough but to be fair I did Say to the gentleman on the phone if you Gave me a typed name no signature or financial Detail would you expect to be given 10k no was The answer. Any thoughts on this guys ?
  21. I have sent you an email of a letter I received today from court. I dont really understand if the case is stayed. It states proposed allocation to the small claims track. ATM. They have also put a form togther for me to fill in with my signature, something I dont want to give them, also no defence has been entered by the DC as you can see that part has been struck through with a pen. Do these vultures ever relent ? I have no idea what this means can you shed any light ? JQ Update I have spoken to the court. Me putting in a defence saved the other side having to pay the cost of getting the case un stayed. Because my defence went in it allowed them the 28 days. gggrrrrrr to the man at court but bless him I just dont think he realised. I either file for mediation or ask for this to go to court near me......... No idea at all what to do, explained part of the case to the lady at the court who suggested I email my response so my signature can not be lifted which is a good idea. What is the best way to handle this ? What is mediation ? I want to know where the application for this card is, what was my employment ? Who fricken signed it and how was 10K given. Sorry I just really dont need this but I have to fight else they will go ahead and get a judgement which I think would be hugely wrong
  22. Yes DX will send to your email, just taking a photo now. The courts letters just acknowledged my defense. I will send you the letter from the solicitors opened today JQ
  23. When ? your always awake ! ..... Show me proof I just opened a letter saying the DC still want to proceed despite all I have sent. I almost went into panic but I calmed down. It has to go before a judge because it is stayed but then I guess I will have to go to court I have no idea what this fight will be like, I guess they are hoping I am too unwell to fight. I am not rolling over, I might have several anxiety attacks in the process as I have a bigger case going on in the background but I am not giving up ! JQ Do I send another CCA request or do they think the one made up is okay
  24. Donation sent via paypal for £30 I hope this helps the site, its not a grand sum just all I can afford. I will keep you updated and just want to say once again thank. Not anyone else on this planet besides DX thats here at stupid oclock in the am to the rescue x
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