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  1. they have refunded the money for one despite in their own t&cs saying when they accept payment it constitutes a contract
  2. basically while looking through ebay the other day i noticed zavvis ebay outlet had for sale nintendo wii,s for £39.99 [the price had been £45 but they must have realised about half an hour before i bought mine there was a misprice yet still further reduced it to £39.99] i have 2 children so ordered 2 i had the confirmation email etc, their t&cs are Any orders placed by you will be treated as an offer to purchase the goods or services from us and we have the right to reject such offers at any time. You acknowledge that any automated acknowledgment of your order which you may receive from us shall not amount to our acceptance of your offer to purchase goods or services advertised on the Website. The conclusion of a contract between you and us will take place when we (i) debit your credit or debit card or (ii) dispatch he goods to you or commence the services, whichever is the earlier. they took the money via paypal from my credit card so does this form a legally binding contract to provide them? 24 hours later received this email Brilliant News! We made an error listing our Wii console for £39.99 but what a bargain for you! You may receive a dispatch email for a set of headphones but please ignore your Wii is on its way We have been unable to send the red Wii but a Black console is on its way We hope to dispatch the console as soon as possible and hope for it to be with you early next week at the latest. Unfortunately we have had to limit to one per customer A refund will be processed today Kind Regards Zavvi_Outlet can they move the goalposts and only provide one when by there own t&cs they have entered into a contract? they must also adhere to ebays t&cs surely?
  3. just received this response back from them from the above letter templates that were sent
  4. no we have lived in the same house for over 15 years and havnt received any correspondence from any court or vets in that time
  5. rang the court this morning and spoke to a snotty woman who was most unhelpful however she did say the judgement was from june 2000
  6. thank you both i will fire them off and see what they come up with
  7. nothing on it at all first we have ever heard of it
  8. im hoping someone can help me here please as i dont know what to do, i have had a letter today off of a debt recovery agency saying that they are going to seek enforcement of an order that was made in the county court for over £500 for an outstanding vet bill, i have no knowledge of this as every vet bill ive ever had ive paid and it turns out this county court judgement is going back 10 years i never received any correspondence from any vets saying i owed anything and never received anything from the court at the time, what should i do as i havnt a clue and its the first i have heard of it?? they have a case number regarding the judgement and the court details on the letter. we have lived in the same house for 15 years so its not like they didnt know where we were, how would you go on about this?? also how can i defend something that was 10 years ago as obviously all the receipts etc are long shredded
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