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  1. Hi Douglas

    I'm also with Payplan and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I was off ill and temporarily was unable to pay my creditors(having never missed a payment in my life). I spoke with Payplan and entered into a debt management plan and after a year I was fit to go back to work. In that year, I had 5 defaults registered against me, meaning that when I went back to work even if I restarted original amount I was paying before i went off ill...I was going to have very bad credit file for 6 years. I was horrified when I realised since I knew when I signed up(as did payplan) tht my situation was temporary. Even now, I am still in debt management plan but have increased my payments. I am extremely annoyed that I went to payplan for support BEFORE i fell behind with my payments and feel I was given very bad advice, whic has now made my credit file look like I have neglected my debts. Surely there was a more temporary solution they could have negotiated on my behalf without my credit file being destroyed when I had never had a mark on it before that?

    Like you, I do not have confidence in them!

    I'm not sure what you can do...I'm assuming the accounts you are paying will have defaulted 6 months after starting the debt management plan? If they did, I read somewhere that if you have been defaulted, even if you r making payment, the companies can also apply for a ccj against the debt during the six year default period or at the end of it. That's my worry, cos like you I am making payments and think I'll be paying things for a very long time. In a few years when default is about to come off...they could go for ccj and reset my credit history for another 6 years :-/

  2. Hi there

    Your thread is exactly what happened with me with MBNA and my debt has also now been sold on to a third party. I have other debts too as a result of ill health and have entered into a debt management plan...however, I contacted the third party regarding the debt(very unhelpful) and said I am not aware of receiving notification of default being registered 2 years ago. (Only realised after looking at credit file recently). I was already making payments through debt management plan when they defaulted me 6 months into plan. If I am in a Debt Management Plan does it have any affect on my right to challenge this...and also can I do a subject access request to specifically request info relating only to default? One other thing...I appled for refund of ppi charges with mbna a few years ago and they were unable at that time to provide me with copy of original credit agreement. Should I look at tackling this first to possibly see if debt is unenforceable anyway? Paul_dv...best of luck...keep us informed?

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