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  1. Funny you should say that....just had another visit from him. Didn't answer door and he left a " FINAL NOTICE" I must now give you 24 hours statutory notice of my intenetions to recall and remove your effects, sufficient to satisfy the debt and costs. It also asks me to contact him to arrange a suitable time to allow him in, so as to keep costs to a minimum. The letter is dated 11-46 and timed at 1/2/13 As you will have gathered, as yet, I haven't had a response from the council
  2. Thanks for the information ploddertom, really has put me at ease. All I have to do now is keep up the regular payments to the council, letters are ready to post first thing in the morning
  3. Once again, thank you very much for your help, I am writing the letter now and will send them recorded delivery. You really have made me feel more at ease...perhaps I will be able to sleep tonight after all!
  4. Ok, will do...just one more thing that worries me though...and that is, it says on the bailiffs letter they may remove the goods even if i'm not home
  5. Yes, I have been making payments direct to the council...I will do as you say, however, I am worried the bailiff will come back before the council have looked at my case
  6. I have just spoken to my neighbour and he said there were 2 vans parked outside when they were knocking on the door...they waited 1/2 hour, then went. So it looks like they do intend to take the stuff
  7. Just spoken to council and they say there is nothing they can do once it's been passed to the bailiffs...i have to talk to the bailiffs direct...and i know they will only accept payment in full, so it looks like they are going to take what few things i have
  8. I paid them £195 when they came to do the walking possession and I can't find the receipts for the other payments...but is about £300 in total for both accounts, I stopped paying them when they said they could only accept £500 per month
  9. it is for council tax invetory 1 Panasonic flat screen tv glass tv stand sky hd box microwave oven Panasonic dvd player black leather sofa inventory2 Panasonic flat screen tv glass tv stand sky hd box microwave oven Panasonic dvd player brow wall unit (think he meant brown)
  10. I was wondering how they can only take the goods for 1 order when most of the items are duplicated on another....if they came back to enforce the second, there will only be 1 item left on the inventory in the house
  11. Got home thios morning to find a letter from Rossendales BAILIFF REMOVAL It says they have attended to remove goods to discharge the levy and additional enforcement costs incurred Balance due £1110.19 No further arrangements are acceptable. i will re-attend at my convenience and may remove goods even in your absence No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay However, there are 2 distress notices and the goods listed on the walking possessions are almost the same but they are only coming to remove the goods on 1 order....what do i do?
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