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  1. Maki

    Natwest DPA Breach

    Thanks BankFodder, I certainly have the anger and the time to take this as far as I can ! I'll put everything together in a chronological order in a separate message as soon as I've typed it all up. I request the SAR from Natwest last week (after explaining to the complaints handler that I didn't need to submit the request on writing or to a particular department and suggested she obtained some training on the matter!) I got the impression the solicitors I've spoken to just didn't want to take on Natwest.
  2. Maki

    Natwest DPA Breach

    I've had an ongoing battle with Natwest since September last year when I discovered they'd been reporting missed payments on various loan and mortgage accounts that had been settled 9 years previously. (I only discovered when I was rejected for a property based on credit checks). After Natwest refused to correct the errors for various reasons I took my case to the Financial Ombudsman who ruled in my favour after Natwest admitted they'd misplaced a lot of my records and made errors on my accounts. The ombudsman ordered Natwest to correct the mistakes on my credit file and recommended compensation of £300 which I rejected. I then took the case to the Information Commissioners Office who also found Natwest was in breach of the DPA under the first and fourth principals of the Act (Fairness and Accuracy) but decided not to issue any fines as Natwest have assured them it was a series of errors etc. I'm now looking to obtain some compensation from Natwest for the 9 years of incorrect reporting, the loss of the property and more importantly the stress I've had from Sept last year to June this year trying to get them to sort the mess out when they refused. I've spoken to a couple of solicitors who have said that while I seem to have a strong case they would want around £3,000 to prepare a court case and Natwest would probably settle out of court so I would end up paying the solicitors fees out of any compensation. My question is, is it possible to claim for compensation without a solicitor, if so how, and how much do I ask for. (I'm not even expecting £3,000 in total !) Any advice you can give is much appreciated.
  3. Do I let them know I wont be paying and not to bother with debt collectors or do I just ignore everything until I receive any court papers ?
  4. It was more a request to move (worded "would you mind moving your car.." rather than an instruction to move from the police as it's private land they couldn't instruct me to move. I was thinking about getting other residents to petition for the removal but the majority are tenants rather than the actual property owners so I'm not sure how much weight that would have at the end of the day. Something to consider once I know what I'm doing though.
  5. OK, I've had my response from POPLA and they've upheld the parking invoice (no surprise there!) stating the employee didn't have the right to alter the terms of parking and I accepted the terms displayed on the signs in the car park. In addition to this they said the fact I emailed UKPC to confirm the change to the parking conditions as verbally agreed is irrelevant as UKPC didn't respond to the email to accept them. I've now received the usual pay up or else we will pass to debt collectors letter from UKPC. I have no intention of paying this charge and am happy to go to court to argue my case, my neighbours have already given we witness statements confirming my version of events. The owners of the land have written to UKPC (providing me with a copy) asking UKPC to cancel the charge due to the circumstances but UKPC have refused stating the charge is valid as per the parking terms and conditions so the land owners have said there is nothing else they can do (or want to do!) My question is do I inform UKPC not to bother with debt collectors as I dispute the validity of the claim and suggest they mitigate their losses and commence court action ? Also, in that the land owners have requested the charge be cancelled, does this in effect withdraw their authority to make the charge ? Thanks
  6. I actually look forward to them trying to take this matter to court, but I'm just as interested to know if I could turn the tables and charge them the £120 for breach of contract in that they issued a ticket contrary to the verbal agreement (which I confirmed in writing via email to UKPC) to amend the contract I had with a member of their staff
  7. Sadly I couldn't allow it to go to that stage as its a contract car and the agreement states they will just pay any unpaid parking tickets and charge me an additional fee for doing so
  8. I’m looking for some advice and to see if I can can invoice UKPC under the parking conditions for breach of contract using the same charges laid out in the parking terms and conditions. To give a brief background; I live in a complex where residents are allocated a parking space and must display parking permits and visitors may park in visitor bays as long as visitor permits are displayed. A few weeks ago I was woken up by a knock on my front door from two police officers asking if I would mind moving my car as my neighbours had been locked in for the past 2 hours by an illegally parked car and by moving my car my neighbours would be able to come and go freely while they illegally parked car could be traced. Naturally I agreed and went to get dressed. When I can down to move my car I spoke to the UKPC agent who was ticketing the illegally parked car and asked if I could park in a visitors spot while the other car was blocking the exit that way the rest of my neighbours would be free to come and go, to which he agreed. Having had problems with UKPC before, I decided to email the Helpdesk with confirming the change to the parking terms and conditions agreed with their staff member and received their automated response that my email had been received. I didn’t receive any other communication to say they did or didn’t approve the changes verbally agreed with their onsite parking attendant. When I went to go out in my car a few hours later I found I’d been given a parking ticket - no real shock there ! I duly submitted an appeal and received a reply stating my appeal has been rejected and the ticket was issued legally which I find baffling. I am now submitting an appeal to POPLA and have also started a complaint with the land owners asking them to instruct UKPC to cancel the ticket but their seems to be some confusion about their powers at the land owners which I am trying to educate them on. My question is, in that there was a verbal agreement to amend the parking terms and conditions which I backed up in writing and received an automated response for, can I now charge UKPC the £120 that they have tried to charge me for breach of contract as it’s actually them that’s in breach of the amended contract rather than me ? I’m more than happy to take this to small claims and drag UKPC 5hrough the papers if I get the opportunity. (To make matters worse, I’m a disabled driver and the photographs UKPC have supplied clearly show my disabled bade on display and the fact that i’m Parked in a disabled visitors bay) Any advice would be appreciated
  9. I’m not sure if this helps but I didn’t do any of that. I simply completed their online form stating I believe I’d been missold as I had enough cover elsewhere and 6 weeks later I received a letter stating I was due a refund of over £3,000. The cheque took a couple of weeks after that to arrive.
  10. Maki

    Natwest DPA Breach

    I’ve spoken to Infomation Commissioners Office and they’ve confirmed under the Data Protection Act the debt shouldn’t have been Re registered I’m going to issue another complaint
  11. Maki

    Natwest DPA Breach

    Thanks for the replies. The shortfall is due and I've been in communication with Natwest more or less constantly about the debt and am making every effort to pay it. My concern was that they seemed to have once again screwed my credit file by reporting the shortfall as a new debt.
  12. Maki

    Natwest DPA Breach

    Thanks for the reply. The other loans and CCJ's aren't showing anymore as they were past the 6 year mark which I pointed out to the bank so they updated their records with the correct default dates etc and had the records removed from my credit file. The house was repossessed over 7 years ago (I have all the paperwork) and Natwest have only just added the shortfall to my credit file in the last week when they were sorting out the mess they had made on my credit file. My point was that once the mortgage had been defaulted I didn't think they could report the shortfall as a new debt as its the same defaulted account or am I wrong ?
  13. 11 years ago I was taken seriously ill and due to the illness I lost my job and ended up in a financial mess resulting in my house being repossessed. Thankfully my health has stabalised and I'm now starting to get to grips with my financial mess. Having checked my credit reports I noticed Natwest were reporting missed payments each month on two mortgages and a loan and hadn't recorded any of the defaults or CCJ's. I lodged a complaint with Natwest which they upheld due to inaccurate reporting of my credit file when one mortgage and loan had been paid off with a full a final settlement and the other mortgage had resulted in a repossession. To compensate me for inaccurate reporting over the past 8 years they've sent a cheque for £125 which I don't believe is adequate. However, whats more worrying is that they have now listed the mortgage shortfall as an outstanding mortgage even though the property was repossessed over 7 years ago. While I don't dispute the amount is outstanding I didn't think they could report the outstanding balance once the account had been defaulted and subsequently repossessed. Am I correct or are Natwest allowed to register the mortgage shortfall in this way on my credit file ? Thanks
  14. If you were on a true zero hours contract, your employer could simply choose to say they have no hours for you each week for the remaining weeks (if you are on a fixed period contract, or forever if you are on an open ended contract) Unfortunately, until you have worked for an employee for more than 2 years you have no rights to take your employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal (or much else) unless it's on grounds for discrimination where special rules apply
  15. Yes, it is an online form. However, I only have 10 days to post a defence as Royal Mail took 18 days to deliver the notice and when I spoke to the court was told I was lucky I could still file the acknowledgement as the solicitors hadn't applied to find me in default. Do I admit the £290 and reject the rest on the basis I don't have a clue where it's come from ? Thanks in advance
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