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  1. He wasn’t able to obtain entry or list any goods. I spoke to Northampton courts earlier as they signed for the papers but they have said it was transferred to the high court but couldn’t tell me which one.
  2. The company are the HCE Group based in Swansea. I’ve looked at their fees and it appears they have added both stage 1 and 2 at the same time for the first visit?
  3. No I didn’t tell him that I filed for the N245, should I have said to him? I was concerned he would attempt to obtain entry if I said anything about submitting the form
  4. I’ve sent in the N245 form and guess who visited Today! He called me and said that he spoke to my Brother in law at the house (who has Autism with severe speech and language issues) and that he was going to enter the property. I said that without a signed controlled goods agreement he couldn’t and the fact a vulnerable person was the only one home he wouldn’t be allowed. He got very Shirty and said if I don’t pay in full by the end of the month he would be back with a warrant from the court to enter the property. I’ve opened the letter up that was left and the total is now £2091, nearly £1000 more in fees and VAT!!! Also the guy that visited isn’t listed as a HCEO but the person who is registered/listed is named on the notice of enforcement.
  5. I was aware that Certas had obtained a CCJ against me, however at the time I was working away so couldn’t represent myself. I was paying £150 a month towards the energy bill but they wanted to up monthly DD and at the time we couldn’t meet what they wanted. This meant the account was passed to their in house collection team and that we had to make any subsequent orders on a pro forma basis. With the cold winter we had to cancel the monthly DD and put that towards an order of fuel (it does or cooking, hot water and heating). When we went to re-instate the DD they insisted on full payment of the account which we couldn’t do. I thought I’d we let it go to court we could represent and put forward a payment schedule but as I said above i was working away at the time of the court hearing
  6. Original debt was to Certas energy for £880 and is now £1038 so they are asking for the full amount
  7. They have a CCJ for it for the debt. I’m trying to address the debt but want to avoid their attendance fee (which is just racketeering to me). I’m assuming that I do not have to allow entry to the property? We also have a vulnerable disabled (learning difficulties) living within the property.
  8. Hi,I’ve recently received a letter from a high court enforcement company regarding an old energy debt. I’ve spoken with the company regarding the debt but would like some advice on the following as I’m confused.Firstly - The letter states that they are to claim the debt in full, if the debt cannot be paid in full then a payment arrange can be made. On the reverse it also states (and I’ve asked and received email confirmation) that they will only enter into an arrangement once an Agent has visited the property “In order to establish for himself whether payment in full can or cannot be made. If satisfied payment in full cannot be made, he would discuss an arrangement and ask you to enter in to controlled goods agreement.” Obviously this will increase the debt and they will get a fee, Is this right? Secondly - They compliance fee has had VAT added to it. From what I have seen this is a fixed fee??Lastly - I have an email from the Creditor to confirm they are happy to proceed with a payment arrange that I’ve proposed so long as it’s paid via the HCE company. As they work on behalf of the creditor surely the have to follow their instruction? Any my advice would be great.
  9. Please help, my mother in-law had over the festive period borrowed £250 because her employer thought it would be a good idea to not pay his staff before christmas but late and at the end of the month!!! sorry bit of a rant there. She has so far paid back £280 but they are chasing here for more and have sent her a threatning letter demanding £493.98 inc debt recovery cost???? surely this is extortion seeing as she has paid back what she has borrowed at least + £30 even if it had been a letter asking for another £100 it wouold have still been extortionate but something she would have paid, but this is worring her sick!!! any info would be fantastic Thanks in advance Baz4iow
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice please we got into arrears with our electric company (British gas) after both being made redundant in consecutive years and now am in a position to clear the debt. Spoke to them about doing so and was told even if I cleared the debt I would still have to stay pay as you go and couldn't transfer to a new supplier for at least 12 months????? Company policy apparently can anyone help? Thanks Baz4iow
  11. Thanks again guys ....I feel truly exhausted and like we are constantly up against brick wall after brick wall. Do these people not realise that its not a case of we don't want to pay but that we cannot afford to meet their payment demands i.e clear the whole debt off or else!!! ?? Am I right in thinking the way forwards from here is to write a few more letters with evidence to the people above? Via recorded delivery? Also what happens if in the meantime, the bailiffs come and take our car? How am I supposed to get to work etc? I need a car to do my job and also get the children school etc etc Wouldn't mind if I had a jag but its an old nissan!!!Thanks again
  12. Well went to council today to try and beg them to helpbus out. They were completely not interested in us or our paperwork . Told us as the debt is in our name and not my brothers the vulnerability case could not be argued. Now back to square one and gave actually been physically sick this afternoon!!! I am most worried that they will take the car we use as it means my brother won't get to his appointments , I won't be able to go to work, not able to get kids to school. I have no idea where to turn and what to do now as they will be on our doorstep any day now !!!
  13. Thanks so much everyone and especially PT...you are amazing guys! Well wea er taking proof and a letter to the council tomorrow....we only have until friday to get things sorted as the bailiffs will be back to take our goods next week, if not! I am really struggling with this whole matter...not sleepinng or eating and my patience is very thin I hate the worry and the stupid council.....they made me redundant, reduced our income so we couldnt afford our bills, take us to court, send us to the wolves and not even an ounce of care! its awful :'(
  14. Thanks everyone, My brother lives with us and currently gets the middle rate of DLA, which we are trying to appeal at the moment. How much does a declaration cost with solicitors fees etc? Does anyone know if there is a chacne we can send it back to court to be able to represent ourselves better or get them to look at it again? I agree that our items are worthless and if sold at auction wouldn't even cover the costs of the bailiffs fees let alone the original debt!! So just to clarify....I send the letter to Bristows and wait for a response. 2) We go to the council and plead the vulnerability side in the hopes that they tke the case back? ...would this apply even though the debt is in my name? thanks again
  15. Thanks everyone.OK most of the items are pine and are old. Nothing is top of the range and the sofas have no labels on them at all. If the sofas go we wont have anywhere to sit...well except on our beds providing they dont take those as well!! The car my brother bought privately out of his savings so the road tax etc does not fall under the mobility scheme. I am a bit confused as to what I do next and where to go from here. It would seem Marstons levy has little weight as they have never been in the propery. HCE levy is valid but there are some items missing from the Levy compared to Bristows on - including the car. Does anyone know , as I have let them in can they just break in from here on? Also the Lvey we have got and notice of seizure etc hasn't been signed by anyone in the house, does this make it still valid? Am sooooo confused!! If I pay the council direct via the website can the bailiffs still take our belongings for their own fees? Any further help would be magnificent, thanking you all muchly
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