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  1. Yes. JSA, Housing Ben, Council tax ben, and Discretionary payments. The council will accept £3.75 per week, which is still a lot considering I'm paying off stacked crisis loans.
  2. Hi, Just need some advice and re-assurance before I visit the CAB. A local council is pursuing me for council tax arrears and has issued a pre-enforcement notice. The amount is £429.00 and has been passed on to the Council Bailiff. They want payment in 14 days. I'm currently on JSA and still paying off several crisis loans from 2004. My plan is to offer the council £3 per week until the crisis loans are payed off in April, and thereafter increase it to £5 per week. I cannot give any more than that. But from past experience the council don't accep
  3. I'm 33 and was working but got laid-off when the recession kicked-in. since then I've only had offers of cash-in-hand work. Right now, I'm not confident at all that I can find a second part-time job; one that will not be conflicting with regards to the shift pattern.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've had a calculation done for me. I can claim tax credits only on the basis that I do 30 hours. If it falls below that, and it will do at some point I will not get tax credits. I can't claim tax credits whilst claiming Housing Benefit either, and the tax credit amount is only a few pounds more than the Housing Benefit amount. I can get council tax benefit but I'm still no better off. By and large Ill be working for the amount I get now on JSA except I'll be working for 30 hours, whereas I wouldn't be working at all. In fact, I'll be out of pocket working. Doesn't seem f
  5. Coming off benefits (JSA) seems like an exciting prospect but I am worried that this new job which the Job centre has offered me will leave me penniless and homeless. They've told me I can either take it or leave it without them sanctioning me, but I don't believe them. Should I get that in writing? I cannot afford to take it, although I am willing to do the week work trial. Even after claiming the tax credits (£45 per week) I'm going to be unable to afford food or rent. It's 30 hours per week but there is no guarantee that the hours will not drop to 20 or even 16 hours, according t
  6. I applied for hardship and still not receieved. They even said that they got the application seven days after I sent it off! When I phoned about about it, they with held information. I'm still waiting and waiting and no-one is really bothered. It's like the DWP have given up.
  7. So, the DWP won't pay me any money and have repeatedly shown how incompetent they are. To fill you in: the DWP put sanctions on my JSA benefits for one month. It was lifted on the 7th of this month. I am still waiting for some money. After repeatedly phoning them up, appeal after appeal, application after application with a sick note, with still no success of getting a penny, including having to scavange for food, live in a house without power, and with the threat of eviction looming, I am to take these people of iniquity through the courts. I don't know what to expect and I'm not looking
  8. Today, I had to get food. So I went to Asda and stole some food, but I got caught doing it. The police cautioned me. But I told them I did because I had no money. I will need to do that again today. I need food, and I need a hot shower!!
  9. I asked the job cente for a full audit trail and a Subject Request and they give me the number for Job Seekers direct. I haven't asked for a full audit trail yet but I will do at some point. Should I get the Subject Request as well?
  10. I still don't understand. I'm in this mess because they accused me of not taking a "reasonable job opportunity". And I don't trust the DWP enough for them to send me any info. They've already pursued my stepdad to court over allegations which have now been found to be totally fabricated.
  11. What is the "Subject Access Request"? How will that help me, I mean?
  12. I went to the one in Corporation St today and they told me that they can't help me, "the law is the law" was their exact words. Looks like there's no help for me. The state is starving me out. Why are they doing this?
  13. Nothing. There's nothing more I can do. I just don't understand it. Hardship allowance should cover the time you really need it, not when you don't need it. I can't even get a crisis loan to tide me over. I thought I was entitled to a crisis loan "to meet my needs following a crisis". I can't get one.
  14. I don't understand the logic in this at all. As you may know, my JSA was sanctioned a month ago. Since then, I've had no money. I can't even get a crisis loan. I sold my body for sex and had to sell some household items. I complained to the DWP and told them what I had done. They were not interested. I claimed for severe hardship and they delayed the claim for seven whole days. They received it this morning despire the fact that I personally handed the application in 7 days ago. Phoning them to find out where the application was up to, was like climbing a mountain. The
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