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  1. Will do. To be fair, if they had recorded the default at the actual time I stopped paying it would not be such a big issue as it would have dropped of my file by now so I will metion this. Thanks
  2. Account was opened in 1998 and they disconnected it in August 2004 for unpaid invoices in may, June and July 2004. The default date on my CF says Feb 2006 and AG say they acquired the debt in Dec 2007.
  3. Hi All First post so apologies if my question has already been answered before. I recently contacted arrow global about a defalt on my credit file for £300 from an old orange mobile account. I am in no doubt that the debt is mine and am willing to pay it but I want the default removed from my file. I have not confirmed with AG that the debt is mine but mearly stated that as the debt is relativley small that I would be willing to pay it if the default was removed from my CF. Their first response was that the will mark it as satisfied but I want it gone so I have writtten to
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