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  1. Hi Julie, no point in sending statements with no charges. Save yourself the ink. I have stated before on this site that I think (and was told by courts) that once the bank has offered settlement then they invariably pay up but then I haven't been keeping up with the latest so if people are saying they have had an offer and it's then been withdrawn, I would carry on with the case. Personally it sounds to me that those particular cases may have had other issues associated with them and may not have been the usual straightforward claim. Who knows? In your case, you haven't had an offer in writing from all four, have you?, so I would carry on with as many of the claims as are still open. Good Luck.
  2. Quick! ring the furniture company and tell them to deliver the sofas after all, Keriat
  3. Chantal, fax the settlement letter back to Barclays and just wait. When you actually have the money from Barclays in your hand - then you should contact the court. Write and say defendant has coughed up and you therefore will not be continuing with the claim. For peace of mind, a contact at the courts said that once a bank has made a full offer they don't go back on it (if anyone knows different...), so it seems you have won, Chantal. Well done.
  4. ..and by the way, I ignored the 6 year rule too! They still paid up.
  5. Don't worry, cheeky monkey, it all seems standard (even point 1). They put the same defence to me. I ignored it. I won all my money. They just try anything and everything to intimidate you. They will pay up. Did you send a schedule of charges to the bank & to the court? If not, just send them now. Ask the court to add the schedule to your file. Tell Barclays that you are sending them yet another schedule as they seem to have misplaced your previous ones. Good Luck
  6. Yes,wsn, standard reply. Your choices now are: to write back demanding whole amount (which they will refuse and say they can do no more), or to write saying you will accept the amount as part-payment and still fight for the rest( and they will withdraw their offer and tell you thay can do no more). Same result, different route.
  7. Absolutely disgusting!! you would think the courts could be fair to the British public....but NO!... as you say, Keriat, another parasite grabbing what they can. Damned outrageous! My blood is boiling,too.
  8. Well Done, Taggil. Enjoy the cash.
  9. No Problemo! Good Luck and if I can help with anything....
  10. Not a problem, bonita, but it might be a good idea to start sending all future correspondence to the Churchill Place HQ in London. Straight to the heart of the problem and a time-saver too. Good Luck.
  11. Gretsch, pay the £100, you will get it back soon when Barclays cough up. Don't worry about Barclays defence. They did the same to me and to others. It's all gumph. There is a guide to filling in the Allocation Questionnaire in the Bank Templates section.
  12. No problem with the help, Mr Man. Was glad to. Perhaps you could enhance my reputation by clicking on the scales on my box, if you feel so inclined. I'll accept that instead of the pint:D Spend wisely.
  13. Hey, Mr Man, can you lend me a fiver?
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